Top 10 entries of #shandaarIndia contest!

Recently, Womennow had held a Contest entitled: #ShaandaarIndia where people from all over the world were asked to send in pictures of What They Think Is Best About India! We have received an overwhelming response from our audience. We have loved the photographs that have been sent in by them and the variety of descriptions of the beauty and richness of India that has been depicted through their photographs and words! Thank You, Dear Participants for partaking in The Shaandaar India Contest! We look forward to your participation in the next Contest!

Following are the Top Ten Entries we have received! The name of the Winner of the 1000-Rupees Gift Voucher has been announced at the end of this article! So be patient and read on:

  • People of India: Bhavya Bhasin

top 10 entries of #shandaarIndia contest

She loves the people of India!
Her friends are what she adores the most! She absolutely enjoys spending time with them and making their bonds grow even stronger. The people in India, they are very simple-minded and down-to-earth, everyone is reaching out to one another and they are probably the softest and warmest kind. Cheerful, friendly and optimism is what we learn from the People of India.

  • Emotional ties of the Indian family: Aishwarya Narvekar

She loves her little sister and how close-knit her family is no matter how big or small the size.
From joint families to small, we have all the kinds. Therefore, her love for Indian families, how strongly they are tied with one another, how they always stand for each other, how siblinghood is magical when it comes to sharing things and fighting out of love, and how they always have each other’s back is absolutely justified.

  • Unity in diversity: Avinash Kaur Kundra

top 10 entries of #shandaarIndia contest

Avinash says, “Unity in Diversity Is one thing I am proud of!”

“From the Taj Mahal to the Purity of the Ganges and the Equality of the Golden Temple:
Nowhere else in the World do people touch the feet of elderly in order to get their blessings and respect.”

He also very beautifully adds, “India is the only country with a blessed nature; with deserts, oceans, mountains, waterfalls, tropical temperature.”

Indeed, the vast and diverse society of India is what appeals everyone the most. The fact that India has so many religions, so many different cultures and traditions, so many festivals, so many different types of people living together harmoniously in one beautiful country is a thing of awe.

  • Indian beauty: Nishu Gaba

top 10 entries of #shandaarIndia contest

Nishu loves the “Beauty of India” along with the beautiful people in India. Indian Beauty is her favourite thing about India. The lovely ladies of India, ranging from Bengali Beauty to Northeastern pretty ladies, Aishwarya Rai to Deepika Padukone, we have a few of the world’s most beautiful women.

Nishu, herself is such a gorgeous-looking Indian Woman that it reinforces our love for Indian Beauty even more!


  • Palaces and Monuments / Ancient Indian Architecture: Sannihitha Sans

top 10 entries of #shandaarIndia contest

Sannihitha expresses her love for kingdoms and palaces and ancient, antique monuments saying,

“I am Sannihitha. In India, we have the most wonderful thing, that is, the Taj Mahal, because it is one of the 7 wonders of the world. And as an Indian, I feel very proud of it.”

Taj Mahal is just one such example. There are many such forts that great Kings have built in the decades gone by, that people from all over the world come to witness and hear the bygone tales of! Ancient Indian Architecture is beyond all words. Those meticulous, exquisite designs will never be found again.


  • Love in India: Shraddha Gaud

top 10 entries of #shandaarIndia contest

Shraddha keeps it brief and sweet by admitting that “it’s just love and unity” that she thinks is the Best thing about India.

In its vastness and diversity, Love is what has held the entire country together. It would be a crime to not mention the love Indians share for one another.

  • Indian food: Vd Sharma

top 10 entries of #shandaarIndia contest

The foodie, Ms. Sharma confesses her craze for Indian food stating,

“#Shandaar India, I love India and I am so glad to be an Indian. India has the most vibrant colours of spice and taste, which even reflects on the lively, cheerful and colourful personalities of Indians. So I just love food and love life here!”

  • Abode of Clouds/ Northeast India: Aishwariya Ghosh

top 10 entries of #shandaarIndia contest

According to Aishwariya, “the Dawki, Meghalaya” is the greatest thing about India. Indeed, it is one of the most beautiful and pleasant places on the face of Earth.

The Dawki in Jaintia Hills district, the capital – Shillong, the surrounding elevated areas – together is known as the “the Abode of Clouds” (the meaning of the world Meghalaya). And it certainly is a sight to behold. The place could not have been named more appropriately, and the pleasantness, Northeastern food and tribes, their festivals, clothes and traditions of Meghalaya is something one must not miss out.

  1. The big fat Indian wedding: Sradhya Manji

top 10 entries of #shandaarIndia contest

As Sradhya Manji handsomely puts it,

“I love the Indian weddings, the long elaborate traditions, the mehendi and celebrations that continue for days! I love the rich food full of spices and flavors of Indian weddings and India altogether! #ShaandaarIndia.”

Indian Weddings are what every girl looks forward to! She puts on the most gorgeous piece of Saree and chooses to look exceptional! The food, the rituals, the fun and frolic, drinking and games, Mehendi and shopping, everything about a Big Fat Indian Wedding is awesome!

  • Multifarious nature of India: Shreya Shah

top 10 entries of #shandaarIndia contest

Finally, our winner – Shreya Shah says she thinks the “Backwaters of Kerala” are the best thing about India. She has a love for nature, the endlessly, flowing streams, the trees and the birds.

We think that India is one of the most beautiful places in the planet mainly because it consists of everything – from the hottest of Deserts to the highest of Mountains and the most dangerous of Tigers! Therefore, we announce the Shreya Shah as #ShaandaarIndia Contest’s Winner!

Congratulations, Shreya! You are the Lucky Winner of a 1000-Rupees Gift Voucher!

We hope to see an even bigger response in the Contest we hold next! So, stay tuned guys, and send in your entries when the Contest begins! For you might just turn out to be the next Contest’s winner of a special gift! Cheers!



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