Top 5 essentials in Indian women’s wardrobe

Top 5 essentials in Indian women’s wardrobe

Fashion truly is a very personal thing. Your fashion sense creates an impression about who you are and how you need the world to see you. As a woman, it’s up to you to choose what suits you and makes you look great. Every woman is different, but I do believe that there are some essentials that make it simple for anyone to look readily fashionable and modern.

There are some trends and then there are some essential and timeless pieces that you need in order to make an amazing, classic closet. There are a few things that you completely need prepared and waiting in your wardrobe. These make up the basis of your closet; they’re the undeniable essentials, irrespective of your style.


  1. Printed Tops

Begin by spending onto Stripes, Polka specks, checks at first. They are all time favorite examples and will manage all fashion trends. The next thing to do would be to go with quirky prints. Purchase them carefully as you never know when the trend dies. For the those who are keen on materials of India, you could manufacture a fundamental closet of tops in tie & color, phulkari, kalamkari, bandhni, batik , leheriya , chikankari , south cotton , ikat , chanderi , ajrakh print, Kashmiri work & kachi work.


  1. Patiala Salwar:

Leaving Kareena Kapoor’s insane teeshirt-Patiala combo aside, this can be a VERY exemplary thing. Unlike a normal salwar, which is basically like a detached pajama, a Patiala salwar with its numerous radiant pleats can quickly transform an outfit. Team it up with any sort of kurta and voila, you are the essence of Indian chic! I am not mostly a salwar-kameez sort of person. But, I just love this Patiala style, which goes with my normal kurtas.


  1. Blue Denim

Having a classic blue denim in your collection is an outright must have. As much as it is vital for the closet building, I know we all have feared buying one denim because of its improper fitting or the right blue shade that usually isn’t available or perhaps god just knows why the designer chose to stick studs & stars just on the bum, when everything else was flawless in that denim!


  1. Aviators/Wayfarers:

That we undeniably need sunglasses in India is as evident as Rakhi Sawant being horrible plastic everywhere. Here, the important question to ask is that which style to pick –wayfarers or aviators? Which one of these two you pick will depend entirely on your style and personality. Aviators are more suited to a vintage to some extent, male/female look in any case, if you take them off, try for whichever style you need.


  1. Ballet Flats:

Confess it. India simply isn’t high-heel welcoming unless you are a billionaire rich person and don’t have to step out of that Lexus of yours. We all need flat shoes, as we have to walk a little to the market or drive your car or go to a school or to run after that baby who simply wouldn’t keep still at an outing. Ballet flats are one of the few shoes, which are both elegant AND comfortable. If it is acceptable for the perfectly fashionable Audrey Hepburn, it must be acceptable for you.

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