Top 5 haunted places in Mumbai !


Mumbai! The city of dreams can also give you nightmare! This fancy city of Mumbai have a number of hidden stories and terrifying occurrences. There are startling experiences narrated by people living here. Read on to know the topmost haunted locales in the rich city of Mumbai.

  • Aarey milk colony – Sometimes truth is really stranger than fiction. What is it that makes people living in a place like Mumbai scared? Aarey milk colony looks beautiful during the day, greenery all around, peace and tranquility. It is considered as a special spot by families for picnics but this beauty ends as the Sun sets! During night, people at Aarey have seen a lady standing forlorn under a tree, crying and wailing at the top of her voice. As soon as someone approaches her to know what’s the matter with her, they instantly fall sick on their way home with a wild fear in their heart. She has long hair that falls over her face, covering it and bloodshot eyes. Well, seeing is believing, no one would believe such a filmy story unless they don’t witness it. It has been reported that she runs after vehicles and oftentimes ask for a lift.
  • Tower of silence – A place popularly known for ghost hangouts! A round structure made and used by Zoroastrians for exposure of dead bodies to dispose them off as safely and naturally as possible. Returning nature back to it! The bodies are placed at the top of a tower in such a manner that it is exposed to sun n scavenging birds! These towers were built in the early 9th century! This Zoroastrian cemetery is located on Malabar hills in the southern Mumbai. The bodies are left for animals to feed on. Trespassers have experienced many unnatural and weird events in this place. Some of the people who have visited this place were found missing.
  • Road to Marve and Madh – People passing from the route of Marve and Madh have seen a lady dressed in bridal outfit. She screams and cries as if in severe pain. She cries for help. Riders and drivers driving through this way feel distracted due to such horrific sounds. Many accidents from this area have been reported. If a driver stops his car and gets down to help the lady crying in pain, she runs past them in the speed of light. Residents of this area claim that the lady was murdered on the day of her marriage and was dumped in the mangroves some twenty five years ago. The lady appears on the full moon night and is still in search of culprits.
  • Sanjay Gandhi national park– A favorite picnic spot for children and families, Sanjay Gandhi National Park is haunted. Families enjoy the greenery of this park, the serenity and peacefulness of this place. The forest is huge, covering Kanheri caves, inhabiting wild life and capturing trees and diverse plants. The forest is an active attraction for ghosts too. It is believed that a phantom hitchhiker tries to stop vehicles, asks for lifts late evenings and makes disturbing noises. Forest guards assent that they, too, have seen/heard phantoms.
  • Mahim – A three storeyed chawl named Dsouza chawl in Mumbai has a well in it. A woman who was once fetching a pail of water from the well, had unfortunately fallen into it and died. The woman is seen by the residents of the chawl roaming around the well from dawn to dusk. Although harmless, her silhouette is quite ghastly!

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