Top 5 Reasons Why Every Woman Must Consume Chocolates!

Chocolate is never treated as a healthy food item particularly when it comes to losing weight although we do receive lots of chocolate gifts for birthdays or any other social event. The main reason for this is that they are full of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients which result in weight gain in the long run. However, we must not forget that the main component that is used in a chocolate happens to be cocoa which itself is packed with healthy chemical substances such as theobromine and flavonoids.

Top 5 Reasons Why Every Woman Must Consume Chocolates!

In fact, medical practitioners recommend the consumption of dark chocolates, particularly for the women. Nevertheless, it is advisable to ingest only up to 4 dark chocolate bars every week because of its high sugar and fat content. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will throw some light on the top 5 health benefits offered by chocolates for females.


  1. Healthier heart

According to a recent study conducted in Sweden, it has been found that chocolate can provide women with significant cardiovascular benefits. More than 31,000 ladies who consumed a couple of servings of dark chocolate every week for more than nine years were able to reduce the risk of cardiac arrest to a great extent. Another study in Germany figured out that the threat of stroke, as well as heart attack, was minimized by as much as 39% by consuming one square of dark chocolate on a daily basis. The ingredients responsible for these benefits happen to be mainly flavonoids which enhance the flexibility of the arteries and veins. In fact, consuming chocolate and working out regularly will work wonders in accomplishing our objective of shedding pounds.


  1. Weight reduction

Top 5 Reasons Why Every Woman Must Consume Chocolates!

As mentioned before, consuming dark chocolates will surely result in significant amount of weight reduction. Some researchers in Copenhagen discovered that dark chocolate happens to be extremely filling providing a feeling of satisfaction as compared to the lighter colored chocolates. It will reduce your urge for sugary, salty as well as fatty food items. Therefore, make it a point to include dark chocolate is a part of your daily diet.


  1. Happier children

It has been revealed that in case any expectant mother consumes dark chocolate on a regular basis, she would in a better position to cope with the stress of childbirth than the other moms out there. Moreover, another study conducted in Finland unearthed that chocolate-consuming mothers would be able to bear kids who will be happier and more cheerful than the others. Now it is up to you whether to include dark chocolate in your diet regime.


  1. Reduced tension

Top 5 Reasons Why Every Woman Must Consume Chocolates!

Individuals are known to consume chocolates whenever they become overly anxious and stressed. Unfortunately, this type of emotional eating can prove to be detrimental to our health. However, some scientists from Switzerland found that consumption of 1 to 2 ounces of dark chocolate daily for a period of two weeks helped significantly to minimize the stress of some anxious individuals. Consequently, go for a dark chocolate rather than an ice cream whenever you feel anxious.


  1. Protection from the sun

Recently some researchers in London examined the sun-protecting power of chocolate. After consuming chocolate packed with flavonols, the skin of certain individuals took much longer time to develop the reddening effect caused by the sun’s rays. However, those who ate the traditional chocolates which are low in flavonol were not able to get the same level of protection from the sun. Always consume chocolates which are rich in flavonols particularly prior to going out in the sun.

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