Top 5 Things that make men fall hard!

Men too want to get serious in relationships. They want to be with a woman who makes them crave a serious relationship.

Be the woman they die to have. Be the woman they can trade their singlehood for. Be the woman they yearn to make their own.

Be the woman they have been looking to fall in love with all the while.

Top 5 Things that make men fall hard!

Be you!

The best version of you!

This article will tell you how not to be anybody else but the best version you can be of yourself in order to make a man fall on his feet to be able to love you and want you.

Here’s making you realise and come to terms with the inner strength and the power of attraction that you possess as a woman to make a man, go weak in the knees.


If there are certain things that you want in love, don’t sacrifice your desires for what you’re being given. It is when you are clear about your desires and are unwilling to make do with whatever bare minimum is offered to you is when men will learn to respect you.

They’ll know that you are an independent woman who knows what she wants and so will admire you and fall hard for your confidence.

Don’t try to change him or whine about not being satisfied with what he gives and how he gives. Instead let him know what you want and what you don’t.

For him that’s like a take it or leave it deal placed in a very polite but firm manner portraying to him the respect you have for yourself.


Top 5 Things that make men fall hard!

Men are bound to chase women who are hard to catch. The chase is triggered by the inherent hunter instinct in them. They want to be able to respect you for your being able to stand your ground with a definite yet calm disposition being true to yourself and your wants.

However don’t try to make him see where he is going wrong by accusing him but by simply stating your discomfort and if he is willing to improve on his ways then good enough and if not then you know what to do.

If a man realises that a woman will not bear with being taken for granted then his admiration for you will reach unimaginable heights because he will have to put more effort into pursuing you and believe it or not, that is exactly what men want to be able to do.

The idea that, provided you compromise and make do with any kind of substandard treatment will make a man realise how wonderful as a human being you are is wrong. A man loves a challenge so don’t be afraid to challenge him. Don’t make things easy for him by agreeing to whatever little he is willing to give to you so that he gets bored and loses a chance at falling hard in love.



Men are drawn towards women who are independent and who also allow them their own space and freedom. This makes a man want to go back to the woman after he gets sick of being on his own doing his thing alone or with his buddies.

He learns to value you because he feels that you understand him and add to his happiness instead of subtracting from it. He seeks your company because he doesn’t feel bound to spend time with you.

You aren’t clingy because you have a life of your own from which he draws inspiration. You don’t rest on him for your happiness but you’re a happy individual by yourself this makes him want you more than ever.



Top 5 Things that make men fall hard!

Men want to take care of you. They do. Being able to take care of you and make you happy feeds their ego. But being whiney or complaining all the time will push him away. Children use the tactic of whining to have it their way because they know no better. But you being an adult, independent and self made woman don’t need to whine to get things to happen your way.

All you have to do is communicate. Communicate having created a positive environment for your man so that because he feels so happy around you in the presence of your positive air that he will automatically do that which will make you happy, only because he loves spending time with you.

Be positive, self content and happy by yourself and this will keep you from repelling a man. If he adds to your happiness then well and good but you shouldn’t solely depend on him and his doings for your happiness.



We are all drawn to what we do not completely understand. Lend a bit of mystery to your disposition for the man to be intrigued. Give him attention and then pull back. Flirt with them letting him know how much you enjoy his company on one day and go underground the next.

Don’t be too conscious and think too much into these things. Just be playful and fun. This is possible when you engage yourself in other things instead of having him on your mind all the time.

The time you spend with him – make it fun and happening. Laugh a lot, radiate positivity, have him laugh a lot and then disappear. He needs to miss you to realise that he wants you. Your absence will make him realise the true value of your presence.


He needs the space to comprehend and appreciate your presence.

Top 5 Things that make men fall hard!

Don’t worry about what is going to make him want you or worry about what he is thinking about you or about how you should do things to please him and attract him. You will attract a man only when you don’t think too much into attracting him.

Live for yourself and be at your best; your confidence will by design draw men towards you. It will make them fall so crazily in love with your personality that they’ll wish never to let go.

He should know that you can live a completely fulfilling life in his absence and this will provide him with a challenge to make his presence felt, all triggered by his hunter instinct. He will chase you because you aren’t easily available to him. He will chase you because your life doesn’t revolve around him. He will chase you until the time he feels that you are an independent individual who has the potential to inspire optimism and happiness in his life.

Learn to keep his hunter instinct alive by always holding your own, communicating to him clearly about what you are comfortable with and what you aren’t without cornering him or forcing him to be the ideal man, he can never possibly be.

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