Top 5 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Top 5 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It is time to show some love to someone who loves you without any greed? Mother’s day is arriving and you must make sure to bring the smile on her face. How to please your mother with a beautiful gift depends on your mother’s choice. If you have given most of the things like perfume, clutch and some other common things, there are plenty of other gift ideas that you haven’t imagined of. It is not necessary to spend huge amount on gift because pricey things do not mean quality. Here are some of the innovative gift ideas to give your mother on this special day.

Leather Accessories

Have you ever thought of giving some unique items made of leather apart from clutch. There are plenty of things out there like personal diary available in multiple colors. You can also go for a personalized smartphone leather cover with the color that your mother likes the most. If your mother looks unorganized with her jewelry, why not give a leather jewelry box with plenty of designs, colors and sizes.

Handmade Painting

Mothers are always looking for unique things to get their home decorated. Why not choose a handmade painting for her to give colors to her smile. Handmade painting will remind her about you, making her smile and praying to God for blessings. You can choose from numerous handmade paintings such as a village scene, abstract art, beach side or lush green valley. After you have purchased, go for the beautiful frame that she can place either on side table or hanging on the living room wall.

Portable DVD Player/ DVD Collection


Does your mother like to watch movies, dramas, documentaries or TV series? If yes, you have made it lot easier for yourself. Pick some movies of her favorite genre, TV series or dramas. You can give her portable DVD player along with DVD collection. She would love to watch her favorite series on her player while working in kitchen. It will definitely be a great surprise and will remind her of your love.

Picture Album

Now this one is going to win her heart and she won’t forget how you feel for her. For this gift, you have to make some extra effort. Dig out the treasure of photos and pick the best one. Make sure to select the pictures of you and your mother. You will find plenty of adorable pictures of your childhood with your beloved mother. Arrange the pictures in the album and wrap it nicely.


Books and flowers are said to be the best gift for anyone. On this mother’s day, bring your mother’s favorite Hindi or English novel which she has not read. If you don’t know what type of novels she loves to read, you would probably know the author. Pick up two to three best-selling novels of that author, wrap it with gift paper and surprise her on special day. You can also go for the recipe books, if your mother loves to cook different types of desi or continental dishes.


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