Top 8 New Year Resolutions that usually break!

Top 8 New Year Resolutions that usually breaks!

It’s January and the New Year has already arrived! Making a list of all the New Year’s resolutions makes us realize that the New Year is actually coming. Once again it’s time to look back on what you were, like when the year started and what you are, as the year ends.It’s that time of the year when you think about the mistakes you committed, your good things, your bad things and everything! It’s just like resolute to change your weird & bad habits or indulge in something that was there on your bucket list since a long time. So get off from that couch, grab a piece of paper and start making a list. Once your list is complete, crumple that piece of paper because it’s of use as you are not going to follow any of them!

Wake Up Early

Top 8 New Year Resolutions that usually breaks!

The most difficult and the most irritating task which many people try to promise themselves in the New Year is to wake up early. To get a healthy life one usually thinks at the starting of the year to sleep early and to get up early but many of them fails! And like every other resolution this resolution dies too!

Do some exercises & yoga!

The resolution is usually common to everybody’s bucket list. We promise to run, exercise, go gyming etc. But, the routine starts to break just after a few days into the New Year or in some cases they don’t begin at all.

Say a Big No to Smoking!

Top 8 New Year Resolutions that usually breaks!

So you think to quit smoking, yet again. But why just think and not act on it. Everyone knows that smoking is injurious to health but still fails to accept it. This is another common New Year Resolution never seen through to the end. So, all the best to all you smoker’s out there. Try and you never know when this resolution actually becomes a success in real.

Chop off unwanted expenses

As soon as you saw those super sexy denims or that pretty dress that fits you like it was custom made, your bank and cash balance goes out of the window. Am I right or am I right? Who cares when you make heads turn as you walk down the street? When you look at some sporty shoes and you can’t help but buy them! Well, these are unwanted expenses and making resolutions to stop yourself from buying such things is what you wish for in the coming year!

Say Bye Bye to Alcohol!

Top 8 New Year Resolutions that usually breaks!

People often make a New Year Resolution of reducing their alcohol consumption. But this type resolution doesn’t last for more than a few weeks! In fact, we’re pretty sure you need a drink at the mere thought of quitting it or while going for a party.

Be Creative, Learn New Things!

This includes dancing, singing lessons, pottery or maybe a new sport and just about anything under the sun, but haven’t got around to even taking your first lesson.

Spend less time on the Internet

Internet is what an addiction for everyone these days. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram  etc are just too many social networking websites and there are going to be several more by the time you finish reading this. And people think that they can make resolutions to spend less time on internet but they once again fails in it. There are people you may succeed but mostly people can keep themselves away from it. Sad but True!

Find your Love Interest?

Top 8 New Year Resolutions that usually breaks!

We hope all you people are at least able to stick to one resolution on your list. Finding your loved ones is actually not a difficult task and I think one year is more than enough, isn’t it? Stay strong and don’t give in to temptation. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.



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