The Toxic Person You Should Distance Yourself from in 2018, based on your Zodiac!

Man is a social animal. So, it goes without saying that we need to surround ourselves with people we love. Those we can trust, rely on, and those who help us grow and reach our full potential. Astrology dictates that the stars that we are born under have a great influence on our personality. Our sun signs, or zodiac signs, have a lot of dominance over our characteristics. Understanding them, gives us an edge over others, as we can then manipulate them to our will. Here’s a blog that will help you understand the kind of toxic people you need to distance yourself from in 2018, based on your zodiac controlled characteristics.

The Toxic Person You Should Distance Yourself from in 2018, based on your Zodiac!



(March 21 – April 20)


Aries, you are a free spirit. The ram that represents this zodiac is always ready to charge and take life as it comes. So, you need to distance yourself from people who try to hold you back. There is so much energy surging inside you that needs to find an outlet. In freedom, you can explore an endless range of opportunities, each of which you can take to a whole new level. Don’t let this potential to grow more in 2018 be hindered by someone who tries to quiet you down.




(April 21 – May 21)


Of all the zodiacs, Taureans are the most dedicated ones when it comes to choosing a social circle. How so? Well, you put in way too much effort in understanding the people you want to let in on what’s going on in your mind. So, in 2018, it would be better to distance yourself from people that are not loyal and unreliable. You are a very private person. You don’t let anyone in until you are absolutely sure about them. Keep up this routine and aim for the stability you always work towards.




(May 22 – June 21)


Your zodiac represents duality. This can also be understood as your desire to learn more. Curiosity symbolizes being a Gemini. This is what helps you grow. So, in 2018, stay away from people who don’t stimulate your inquisitive nature. Knowing in growing for you. Keep people who aren’t inquisitive or who kill your buzz away from you. You don’t need boring people in your company. Surround yourself with those who inspire you to learn more and do more. Make 2018 the best year for personal growth and development.




(June 22 – July 22)


You are one sensitive being Cancerian. Which is a very good thing, don’t take me wrong. But not everyone sees this quality the way it should be seen. Thus, you need to keep people who don’t understand your feelings, at a distance, in 2018. Your ability to love is beyond compare. No other zodiac can love as truly and warmly as you do. The best part is that you don’t limit it to those related to you, but show the same affection for friends and those who you have just met. Those who think of this as ‘clingy’ and try to suppress this nature of yours need to be kept at a distance.




(July 23 – August 22)

You were born to lead the pride. Your zodiac is represented by the king of beasts. Can anyone shut down a lion? No one has that right, my dear Leo. Keep those who try to bring you down away from you in 2018. As Tywin Lannister aptly puts it, “A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep.”. Why even listen to these opinions? Just shut these toxic people away before they try to shut you down.




(August 23 – September 22)


While Aries and Leo like to shine in the spotlight and seek validation for whatever they do, you Virgo are content with your own opinion. So, you should be, for you are the best. Hence, unlike the other two, your popularity isn’t dependent on the opinion of others. Therefore, in 2018, keep those who try to change you away from you. While change itself isn’t toxic, it doesn’t have to come from the opinions of others. There is no other zodiac who is a better critic than you. So why should you need the help of someone else to bring change in yourself?




(September 23 – October 22)

Libra is a zodiac sign that represents self-sacrifice. Which is why we see many of them engaged in social work, or hope to do some in the near future. You get along with people because they see this quality in you. But beware of those who take advantage of this quality. In 2018, distance yourself from people who put their own needs above yours. I’m not asking you to be selfish, for that, you cannot do. What I do advice is to be smarter when it comes to helping someone. Make sure that you know whether they truly need and deserve your sacrifice or not.




(October 23 – November 21)

The Toxic Person You Should Distance Yourself from in 2018, based on your Zodiac!


I wouldn’t call you a sensitive being, like the Cancerians. But you sure are emotional. Not just with regards to your feelings, but everything that makes you who you are. In 2018, stand by what you believe in, and distance yourself from those who brush off your emotions. You don’t need to hear that what you feel is wrong or stupid. These feelings and opinions are what make you who you are. If you feel that you stand on the right side, make sure you don’t stir from your stand.




(November 22 – December 21)


The society of humans isn’t the right peer group for you Sagittarius. You have probably figured that out by now. But the reason behind this is that you cannot conform to norms. And rules and regulations humans have placed in abundance. But in order to make 2018 great for yourself, distance yourself from people who force you to follow rules. I’m not encouraging you to break the law. Just not the baseless regulations dictated by custom. You work best when given free reign. Utilise that freedom, and run away from the leash.




(December 22 – January 20)


Every motivational quote or book you pick up will tell you to live in the moment. What if I tell you not listen to them or the people in your life who tell you that. In fact, drop the people who tell you to live only for today. There is a difference between living in the moment and disregarding the future altogether. You are the smartest zodiac when it comes to planning for the future. Your plans are the best and they help achieve stability in your life. So, distance yourself from anyone who doesn’t care about your future or their own.




(January 21 – February 19)

Being a water sign, it is in your nature to provide. Just like the flowing water provides mineral to the soil and sustains life, similarly, it is in you to give. You need to, however, set limits to how much you give. In 2018, you need to distance yourself from people who drain you of everything. Whether it is your money, your time, your energy, or anything that you can provide, people who suck it dry need to be kept at a distance. Your zodiac needs to learn from the rivers that mankind has killed despite the endless bounty they provided.




(February 20 – March 20)


The wisest of all zodiacs is Pisces. Being the eldest of them all, you think deeply about everything. Hence, you add a new perspective or ideology to whatever is happening around you. Those too dim-witted to see the significance of your intellect will try to shut you down. So, in 2018, keep people who see you as overly dramatic, away from you. You don’t need to shut down the contributions you are making to this world with your wisdom because of those who have not the capacity to grasp it. Strive forward and change the worldview.





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