Traits in an Aries man that make him worthy of your love!

An Aries man is symbolised by the Ram. He is forceful, impulsive and very stubborn about what he wants. You will be moved by his magnetic personality. Eagerly looking forward for a brand new day, he is ready to head on with a new task. Such an aggressive personality can burn down many so you should be weary of this trait. In case you belong to an incompatible sign, it is quite normal to have frequent arguments with an Aries man. Fret not for this is how he is.

Traits in an Aries man that make him worthy of your love!

No matter how opinionated you are, be prepared for a heavy round of rebuttal. He like to have his last work at every situation so you will have to display a greater degree of patience and compromise with this aspect of his. His high handedness can irritate you. You will have to live up to his enthusiasm to maintain stability in the relationship. Here are a few traits that you need to know in an Aries to make him open up to you.


What attracts women to an Aries man?


An Aries man is the bad boy you are looking for. You will find him around too many ladies because of the popularity that he naturally enjoys. He sees his relationships as a battle field and will travel to lengths to win over someone he eyes. And beware, he won’t stop unless he wins. He is ready to wait for the right one rather than making rash decisions. Pose any challenge before him, he won’t stop unless he has his way. Whether you agree or not, your unavailability will be the least of his concerns if he likes you enough and chases you hard.


He likes a woman who is always ready at a moment’s notice to set out with him on an adventure. He hates planning and loves the thrill of a surprise plan. Even if he is not great at expressing his feelings, he expects you to value him as much any other Zodiac would.


What do they expect in a relationship?

 Traits in an Aries man that make him worthy of your love!

An Aries man rarely like being lonely. He wants you to be by his side. Possessiveness is an strong trait in him. He expects a woman who is great in bed. His sexual desires are high and you will have to be able to give him that satisfaction. You will discover so much about sex that it will never be a boring affair with an Arian. He will be always hungry for sex and will demand your time to satisfy him. As much he like the craze, make sure you don’t be swayed by his initial burst of energy, for may not be able to hold that interest for long. You will have a hard time taming him if you have a controlling streak in your personality. He expects you to be sensitive to his needs and rest assured he will take you on a roller coaster ride.


How does he express his love?


Even though he may appear stubborn and hard on the outside, he is equally soft and sensitive on the inside. If you are ready to adjust and compromise, he will lend his hand out to you. Being a fire sign, there will be some fireworks in the relationship, but this will only keep the relationship lively. Once he commits, he will be serious and will strive hard to keep the relationship grounded. He is very attracted to women who dress well. So, make sure you make that effort if you wish to win over him. Pay attention to your health for he admires what pleases his eyes first and then pursues it. Don’t try to deceive him. His anger can flare up quite easily so you have to show some patience. Try and win over his trust for he generally has trust issues. He will be direct with his criticisms and will be merciless while doing so.


Most compatible signs with Aries man:


Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra


Most incompatible signs with Aries man:


Pisces, Cancer


How does he handle his money?


An Aries man loves to spend lavishly. It is more driven by his wants than his needs. Wherever he invests, he will try and balance between high and low risk portfolios. He will seek money to maintain his independence and flair. He loves to spend on himself. Looking good is something that he will never take lightly. He loves going to new places and staying around lively people. Dim witted people can be a turn off for him. He has good leadership skills and can handle a wide variety of work, from a desk job to anything that requires him to be on the go.

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