Transforming Sexuality Into A Spiritual Practice

All of us struggle to embrace sexuality. When people are in love, they want to get and receive as much as possible. People engage physical, emotional, and of course, spiritual selves. You can believe it or deny, but sex is the way we can connect with our spirituality. The deepest desire of human beings is to get connected with an expansive spirit. People get motivated to have a pleasurable and uplifting experience. Sex can bring unlimited life forces into our existence. Only when the life force is running through your body, we feel alive.

Lifeforce is vital to human health. Do you know that depression, illnesses, anxiety, injuries, and other health problems come from blocked life flow? If you want to recover, you have to take into consideration not only your physical level but mental, energetic, and spiritual levels as well.

In our twisted culture and society, people identify themselves only with minds. Since our childhood, we hear that the key to a happy life is in following some standard rules: to work hard, stay secure, and make money. Living on your mind level will result in boredom, anxiety, and non-stop worries. We are tired of loneliness and go to dating sites like the best sex cams (TOP 5+). Well, you can meet people through such services, but do not expect to build long-lasting relationships. You have to learn how to connect with your heart. Sensual experience is something outside the limitations of the mind. It is the only key to connect with your life force.

People try to find motivation and boost their energetic level in unhealthy and messy ways through smoking, drugs, and alcohol. Even everyday coffee routine is a specific attempt to loosen the mind. Some of us start practicing meditation, energy healing, yoga, and players.

People should learn how to integrate their sexual vitality with pure love. Both men and women can learn how to bring the sexual energy to much higher levels through spiritual practice. Sexual energy should be directed first to the heart and then to the top of the head. This is the place where it gets infused with the blissful sacredness. Direct your sexual energy into the sky, and you will experience a real ecstasy.

Usually, we center sexual energy on the genitals. If you are on this level with your partner, you will practice passionate sex. However, if you break this habit and direct sexual energy to your heart level, you will experience intense lovemaking. If you go even higher, you will experience pure love and cosmic ecstasy. Once you experience infinite joy, you will understand that even the most passionate sex is less pleasurable and meaningful. Sex and lovemaking can be compared as a bathtub and the entire ocean of bliss.

Tantric Tradition

The mutual attraction between men and women is a natural instinct. East culture understood the value of erotic techniques far earlier than we did in the West. The practice of Tantra is the ancient art, which is born in India 6000 years ago. It was a real rebellion against the religion, which did its best to reject sexuality to reach enlightenment. Tantra teaches us that our sexuality is the doorway to the Divide. Sexual intimacy is our birthright. Through this ancient art of Tantra, people can expand their sexual ecstasy into divine bliss. We must learn how to open our hearts and our sexuality.

The definition of the word “Tantra” is to expand and to weave. If you understand this, you will use sex as the key to expanding your and your partner’s consciousness. Both of you should learn how to weave the polarities of male, represented by Shive, the Hindu God, and female, embodied by goddess Shakti into a holy union.

Tantric art teaches couples to prolong the act of lovemaking, and the main secrets on how to transform orgasmic energies effectively. Tantra will also enhance your health, both mental and physical because sexual energy is the most powerful. We just have to use it consciously. Once we master the art of Tantra, we will discover an authoritative source of vitality and bliss.

What does make Tantric sexual experience unique?

In the West, people treat sex as a source of physical pleasure rather than a way of transformation. People are obsessed to reach orgasm rather than to connect with your partner fully. In Tantric tradition, there is no final goal. You must learn how to be in the present moment of divine union. Lovemaking is an intimate and expressive meditation of two people who love each other. Tantra will teach you how to extend the sexual ecstasy and will push lovers to experience multi orgasms in a single sexual encounter. If you follow the Tantric art, you will start seeing your sexual experience as a beautiful dance of male and female energies, which has no beginning or end.



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