Transgender exclusive : Six Pack Band

Transgender exclusive : Six Pack Band
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Komal Jagtap wasn’t aware of the fate that awaited him when he left everything behind at the tender age of eight. The day he embraced his sexuality with a saree draped across his body was the day his parents drove him out of the house. They told him Don’t try to see us any more, you are dead to us.’ From then on, his journey to meet his fate began. He found sanctuary in a transgender community, the only home that sheltered him and others alike. He met 20-30 transgender like him who found no place in people’s hearts, let alone their homes.

So it was MujhraNani who taught all of them whatever they needed to survive. With every abuse they became stronger. With every scornful gaze, their passion to rise high became firmer. Along with his friends, Komal sang at weddings and parties and gracefully accepted whatever was offered to him in return. But he had big dreams and his courage to fulfill it made him a member of the famous Six Pack Band.

And how did that happen? When Ashish Patil , the head of Y films decided to launch India’s first transgender band, he auditioned transgender and picked the best six for his band. Komal Jagtap was one of the members. A choreographer was then hired, a award-winning stylist and our favourite Sonu Nigam to transform these men into something the world has never seen before. They were trained for six months and look what we have now?

An amazing aggregation of talent compressed in the Six Pack Band that is getting famous by the day and changing crude perceptions of Indians towards transgender community.



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