Trendy printed sarees that every lady should own



Have you included printed sarees in your casual wear collection? If not, you are way behind on the latest trends. Printed sarees are fun to experiment, and they add some character to garments. Though most of them are not ideal for the office setting, you can wear printed sarees for dates in the evening, on weekends when hanging out with friends or during office parties.

You only need to apply smooth make-up to complement your printed saree and choose a stylish blouse that puts you in the spotlight.  Feel free to pair your printed saree with ethnic kurtis when attending traditional ceremonies. You can also achieve a youthful appearance by matching a floral saree with a crop top.

Matching a ready-made blouse with a printed saree creates an illusion of an extra chick look.  Another advantage of printed sarees is that you can wear them in different styles. For instance, they go well with dhoti pants and jackets. Allow us to discuss some of the trendy printed sarees available at Stylecaret.

Honey and nectar printed saree

Designers add splash prints on sarees due to their love for art. They are not very casual like types such as floral prints. You can wear this saree in a semi-formal setting. Styling the spring splash prints is easy since they don’t come with a lot of colors.

Any lady that would like to remain low-key will love this printed saree. Choose a nice blouse to match the color of your saree and include a large necklace to complete the look. It is also the perfect print for tall, slender ladies.



India is deeply rooted in its traditions. Bandhani represents a cultural textile that originates from India. This saree comes with a blend of subtle colors ideal for a special function. You can choose the printed saree in different colors such as red, maroon, pink, green and orange. Designers make elegant Badhani print sarees from the Georgette fabric.

The grey combination

Is grey your favorite color? Get printed sarees that come in grey combinations. Grey is a subtle color that looks elegant on heavy woven sarees. You can get a printed saree that has grey dominating throughout the saree and florals on top of the color.

Ethereal abstract prints

If you enjoy the beauty of nature, get a saree that contains ethereal abstract prints. This saree is not only gorgeous on slim ladies, but it leaves room for imagination. It includes fun strokes that are artistically added on the white canvas.

The printed saree is a unique type that you may not get everywhere. You can stand out in such a saree among a crowd. It also combines shades of colors such as pale green, pink and orange on the bottom part.


Polka prints


Are you young and bold? Make your style statement by choosing a saree which contains polka prints.  The advantage of prints is that they are versatile meaning you can get any print you prefer. Different prints are also ideal for settings such as formal or casual wear.

Polka prints are not only trendy but also unique. Black polka prints on a plain white saree look amazing. They are beautiful patterns that can describe your fun personality. This saree also includes a red patch on the pallu and stripes at the bottom of the pallu.

Choose a red sleeveless blouse to match with the saree. Since the outfit already has enough details, you should stick to minimal accessories. The polka printed saree is perfect for a girl’s night out or a date with your boyfriend. You will leave heads turning.

Floral sarees

We all love the effects of flowers on our outfits. Sarees give you the chance to choose floral prints which make you look beautiful and confident. Nature inspires the creation of floral sarees. They can make your wardrobe look charming. Floral sarees are ideal during the spring season.

Floral sarees are ideal for special festivals such as weddings, graduation ceremonies or even farewell parties. The print is mostly implemented on lightweight fabrics such as chiffon sarees. Choose floral prints that make you smile every time you look at your outfit.

You can go bold on the colors or choose dull colors. Be careful with the kind of blouse to match such a saree. Choose the ones that come with unique embellishments and adornments.  You should avoid adding extra items on your attire to avoid overdoing it.

Indigo-inspired prints


Indigo prints on a saree are ideal for different occasions. The rich color is an attention grabber as it has a rustic charm. Such prints also suit various body types meaning you don’t have to feel limited on not getting the right size.

Designers use natural dyes to craft these prints. Though the rich color is appealing, you need to be careful on the maintenance to prevent the color from fading. Avoid exposing such a saree to harsh conditions such as extreme sunlight. The prints look good on crepe sarees.

Natural neutrals

A combination of natural neutrals such as black and white makes an outfit look timeless. If you don’t like bright colors, you should choose a printed saree that combines white and black. The two can make you look slimmer and taller in a saree. You can kill the look by applying a bright colored-lipstick and wearing a simple necklace.

Purple and blue-printed saree

The blue bhagalpuri printed saree is an exquisite traditional type that is made from the polycotton fabric. The two prints are evenly distributed on the body and pallu part. It also features a thick border in a unique pattern which adds some character to the saree.

Since the colors are not dull, you can match it with a dull blouse that contains some short sleeves and simple earrings. To ensure that the prints remain in perfect condition, dry-clean the saree so that the colors do not fade. You can wear this printed saree for a fancy dinner with friends.

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