22 Tricks for petite women to look taller!


There are a whole lot of my fellow petite women out there who I believe are just as gorgeous as any of their taller friends. Being short is adorable. You can always manage to look younger than your age, which will drive your partner to want to pamper you all the more.

You will not be loved less only because you are shorter than the other women but in fact be much adored by your male counterpart who will find you too adorable to resist.

What matters is how you can carry yourself in whatever you wear and look for ways to bring out the best in you. So while you continue to receive and enjoy all the attention, fondling and indulgence from your mate, here are a few tricks you can adopt, that will compliment your petite frame even better and fetch you more admiration.



Tricks for petite women to look taller!

Say yes to clothes with vertical stripes ladies. Petite women can easily create an illusion of height by opting for vertical striped tops or bottoms and even dresses that give an appearance of a slimmer stature and consequently a taller frame. Avoid clothes that have horizontal stripes across them, because they tend to make you look broader and hence shorter.



You are wrong if you think that the short shorts are your only refuge, when you want those legs to look like they go on forever, because these darlings can do wonders in giving you an appearance of height, if well cut and shaped. If well shaped, they will hug your body and bring to prominence your curves, and also since it covers the whole of your body in one stretch, it gives an illusion of a proportionate figure without highlighting either one of your longer torsos or shorter legs, which then makes you look leaner and taller.



Tricks for petite women to look taller!

Vamps are the parts of your shoes that cover the top surface of your toes, and they can go as high up to your ankles, just like in boots, or be as low cut as just to end where your toe ends. Low cut vamps give the illusion of longer legs because there is more show of skin at a stretch. You will see how wearing a pair of boots will make your legs appear shorter because they cut your legs right at the ankle so there is less show of skin.



Petite women worry that they always have to resort to heels to look their best, having to forego their comfort, but here is to telling you how you can rock a flat just as well as you rock a pair of heels. Invest in pointy flats to go with low cut vamps. Also if you can get hold of a pair in your skin colour, it just cannot get better, be it flats or heels, your legs will appear much elongated.



Tricks for petite women to look taller!

Make sure there aren’t straps in your shoes that go around your ankles because it tends to cut your legs at the ankles giving an illusion of as though that is where your legs finish. So let there be straps covering your toes, because it helps in showing more skin but avoid straps around the ankle.



If you have to wear short dresses/shorts/skirts at all, go as short with those as you can get. The shorter it is the better, for the shorter it is, the more your legs show. Try to always have your legs appear longer than your torso because having longer limbs happen to make you look taller than shorter limbs with longer torsos.



Tricks for petite women to look taller!

When you have to wear normal snickers or sports shoes that definitely won’t have pointy toes, try placing insoles in your shoes, so you can look taller even while you are not in your heels. You can also opt for this trick when you wear flats. It’s usually men who resort to this trick for a secret height increase.



Let the colour of your bottoms match with that of your shoes. Whenever there is a break in colour between your ankles where supposedly, your trouser or skirt stops and the portion of your leg below the ankles, your legs appear to finish right at the ankles. But when the colours match, an onlooker’s eyes will travel from top to bottom without stopping at the ankle and have the impression of having looked at longer legs.



Tricks for petite women to look taller!

Petite women could avoid wearing clothes with big and broad prints, and instead go for clothes with smaller prints with less or no details and embellishments, because larger prints are bold, that will draw attention to its self while making you appear smaller.



Tricks for petite women to look taller!

Try wearing clothes that are monochromatic, because one single colour in clothes will not create a break in the onlooker’s eyes, dividing your body into parts, so that the gaze can travel from top to bottom without getting distracted in between, which in turn will give the impression of a leaner and a more slender body.



Tricks for petite women to look taller!

Unbuttoned jackets that are of the same length as your top can give an illusion of a defined vertical line, which will in turn help you look slender. Also it is better if the colour of your jacket matches with your bottom, then a monochromatic effect and vertical lines will work together to add to your slender look, making you looking taller.       



Short hair can look trendy and yet give the appearance of a taller stature. Longer hair horizontally cuts your body at the wrong places and makes you appear shorter.



Tricks for petite women to look taller!

Wear a lot of crop tops and keep in mind that your tops do not go below your hips. Let the hem of your top stop at your hip or above, so that it doesn’t make your legs appear shorter than their actual length.



Petite women should avoid clothes that are too baggy and loose, that can take the height off of them and make them appear smaller than they are. Instead wear clothes that compliment your curves, so it would make you look tighter and slimmer, hence taller.



Tricks for petite women to look taller!

You should avoid wearing clothes with large armholes such as Dolman sleeves because clothes as voluminous as this type tend to swallow you up, making you appear puny. Wear clothes with smaller sleeves that help in defining your arms and bust well. Don’t let clothes hide parts of your petite frame.



If you don’t want to get rid of your long and gorgeous mane, then learn how to use it to your benefit. You can try various hairstyles with your long hair that can add a few inches of length to your body. Some of which include front puffs, high messy buns, top knot ponytails, and bouffant.



Tricks for petite women to look taller!

Opt for clothes that have a deep cut or v-shaped neckline that tends to elongate your frame and gives it an illusion of length, from your hip to the top, instead of boxy or round necklines that tend to broaden your frame.



Buy handbags that aren’t too big and broad. Your handbag should flatter your frame and figure and not swallow you up, making its self the centre of attention.



Tricks for petite women to look taller!

You can always pair your short tops, having plunging necklines with high waist bottoms to balance out your body proportion. Bottoms that start above your hips, cuts the lower part of your body from above your hips, thus making your legs appear longer. The longer your limbs appear, the taller you look.



This is quite an interesting technique that allows you to look taller. Side or back slits in your skirt or dress shows hints of skin occasionally, and the more your legs will be in view the more slender you will look and of course very sexy too.



Tricks for petite women to look taller!

Wear skinny belts if you must, and not broad belts that cut will cut your body, horizontally, giving an illusion of a shorter height. Skinny belts worn high up on the waist can make your legs appear longer, having cut your body at the right place.



You must choose the right bra to wear underneath your clothes for them to fit perfectly and highlight your curves. We often tend to overlook this aspect of dressing. Our body types are different from one another and it is very important to choose the correct shape and size of bra that will compliment your body and give you the right posture, which is essential to look your curviest best. Body shape adds to your lean look.


While putting to use these tricks ladies, you must remember that it is very important to maintain the correct body posture to look your best and for that you can opt for various stretching exercises that help in straightening up the slouchy postures that we incur in time, as a result of our irregular lifestyles. Correct your posture and then let these tricks do the rest.


Image courtesy: Instagram Account: nikimehra


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