Trimbakeshwar Temple Mandates Wet Clothes For Entry

trimbakeshwar temple mandate wet clothes for entry

The Shani Shrine controversy was no less horrendous than in no time we have the Trimbakeshwar Temple Trust issue that has come up with a shameful dictate to let women pray inside a temple.

The temple located in Maharashtra has now allowed women to enter the inner sanctum from 6 to 7 in the morning on the grounds that they would need to wear wet cotton or silk clothes while offering prayers.

Why do we, equally human like our male counterparts, need conditions for our religious practices or choices? Not only is this humiliating but also reflects how priests wish to portray women as sexual objects. Don’t they now find this sexually provocative?

We all know how a body would look in that state! The hypocrisy of the society lies in the fact that where on the one hand we have sanctions as to what kind of clothes are considered acceptable, one the other, we now have the term of wearing wet clothes (water making parts of your body semi- visible). Sure, a lot of us believe in nudity but that’s personal choice! It shouldn’t come about as a mandate, belittling the rights or choices of others who wouldn’t readily embrace it!

Protests have come about from women activists who have perceived this to be derogatory. A police complaint has also been lodged against the Trust members as well as the local people.

This step taken by the trust was in reaction to activists who staged protests previously to allow women to enter the Shiva temple. Even if there is allowance to women’s entry, the condition is just unacceptable.



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