Should you try female condoms?


While female contraceptive pills are widespread and are purchased at a cost, female condoms are for free! Developed by HLL Lifecare Ltd, ‘Velvet’ is the first female condom launched by India. As the name suggests, Velvet is made of natural rubber latex and it is approved by World Health Organization.

How will it help?

It is a way of empowering women to chose if they want to be impregnated or not. Not only this, it can also help prevent HIV/AIDS, that is a menace in the country especially in states like Nagaland and Andhra Pradesh.

This is initiative has come about as a result of the efforts of the Health Minister, J.P. Nadda as part of the National Family Planning Programme, who believes that this will help keep a check on the population explosion in the country.

Family planning has now become easy. Female condoms in foreign countries are expensive due to non-latex materials. But in India, they are distributed for free to ensure their reach in the rural parts of the country as well.

Where is it available?

Velvet Condoms will be available at all government hospitals and district community health centres.

Sterilization was majorly used for long term contraception in India. This inflicted many casualties on women. There’s no reason to sweat now as we have a new birth control measure for us. What’s more, Velvet can be used for FIVE years!

Way to go women!

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