What does each type of kiss really mean?

What does each type of kiss really mean?Where did you get your kiss the last time? Was on it on your neck or on the back of your hand, for a change? Or was it just a peck on your cheek from your crush? Wondering what these types of kisses mean?

Here’s what they mean:



This is really the commonest kiss out of all. It’s a gesture of love, passion, want and desire, everything put together in one. Tricky to decipher whether it’s completely out of lust or intermingled with feelings of love, you have to figure out what it rouses from, yourself. Generally lip kisses are not wholly platonic but entwine feelings of passion and lust along with those of love and affection.

So if it’s a kiss on the lips that he/she gives you then know that it is more than just friendly affection that they posses for you.

What does each type of kiss really mean?


Forehead kisses define care, concern and affection. It is a selfless kiss, which does not expect anything in return. It does not look for sexual satisfaction. But is an expression of her/his fondness for you. It could be from a friend, a secret lover, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your siblings or parents.

No matter whoever it is from, know that they care about you.



What does each type of kiss really mean?

It says ‘baby I want to get on top of/down on you, already.’ ‘I desire you, I want to feel you, touch you.’ But that’s it. If that is exactly what you have been asking for then enjoy it, but if you were looking for something deeper on an emotional level and more nonsexual then honey you’re in the wrong game.



This is really friendly and affectionate. A kiss on the cheek demonstrates love and liking. But this kiss could be absolutely passion free. So if you get a peck on the cheek from your crush then do not assume that you’re set and can be ready for a date with him/her.

Yes of course they like you, if they kiss your cheek but may be not in the EXACT same way that you do. You see what I mean?



Romantic, utterly seductive and elucidating a craving and attraction is what a kiss on the neck is. A guaranteed turn-on it is. But this is often a lead for what’s coming next, and usually a peck on the neck is followed by more intense physical intimacy.




This one’s a show of gentlemanliness, if it’s from a man to a woman. Kissing a woman’s hand is often to greet or show respect to her but it can also express as to how much a man adores a woman, provided he already has her or how much he wishes she were his, if he doesn’t.



What does each type of kiss really mean?

You’ll only get one of these if your back is exposed. But we assume that you’d generally get it from the man you’re dating already, who has access to your bare back while you’re getting cosy together. It is simply an acknowledgement to the pleasure they acquire in getting to feel your body. It’s a way of saying that ‘your body is beautiful’.


The codes to each of the types of kisses are hence revealed. Which ones have you experienced? Tell us if they match with the interpretations we have made and also feel free to mention your unique experiences at being kissed on any other place in your body and how far it actually went or didn’t.



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