The type of sex he wants according to his Zodiac!

Are you anxious about the first, second, third…date? Don’t be. Here’s what you could look up before you decide to end/start the night with your gorgeous date. You’re less likely to disappoint yourself when you have a hint of what fairs well with these specific gentlemen in order to call it a night y’all both will not forget any soon.

The type of sex he wants according to his Zodiac!

Read on to find out what kind of sex your man likes based on his zodiac sign.


Aries is always in the mood to get it on with. So there is no need to titillate him with little bits of seduction but instead go all the way in the first take itself. Aries is ever ready to take it on and they want a partner who is as spontaneous as them to set the sparks flying.


Taurus unlike Aries likes to take it slow. They want to turn on through touches. They like everything romantic, beginning from rose petals strewn on the bed to aromatic candles lit by the bed on the bedside table and candles spread all over the room. They like their love making sessions to be soft and slow; calming and built up over time.


Gemini can get easily bored of regularity. They like variety in life, whether in the case of the relationships they share with someone, the career they choose or the kind of sex they have. Nothing can be too monotonous for a Gemini. With them, don’t be afraid of role playing, bringing in toys, trying different positions or for that matter even a threesome (bring in the option first) of course if you are comfortable with it at the same time.


A Cancer’s mood can waver a lot and good sex will also be a culmination of good mood. You need to make sure that your Cancer partner’s mood is in its proper place before you go on and start taking off your clothes. Build up the mood of Cancer if they are low for some reason and also make sure never to share stories about how your long term friend ditched you or how your promotion was stalled because of certain jealous colleagues right after your partner is back home or has come to see you if you have the intention of getting intimate on that day.


The type of sex he wants according to his Zodiac!

Leo who usually always are the life of the party have troubles sometimes in giving their best when it comes to sex, because they get exhausted of having to maintain the image of being the centre of all the attention so that he feels it strenuous to keep up to that image, often suffering self esteem issues in private when getting intimate. Leo’s lover should know to entice and wheedle their lover into performing in bed by reassuring them of their potential as the best indeed.


Being the perfectionist that Virgo is, they want even sex to be an organized endeavour. Any stains on the bed sheet or rips in the pillow cover can be a huge turn off for Virgo. They like things to be well kempt and maintained.

They have an eye for the finer things and want the bedroom to look aesthetically upgraded, the bed clothes without any faults and only then will they be able to establish sexual intimacy with their partners. A shower post sex sounds perfect to them.


Libra can get easily bored of having sex with the same partner for too long a time. So they will need something different and varied to keep things interesting but not over the top. Libra craves balance, hence anything that adds the adequate amount of excitement is welcome, for instance, pouring chocolate sauce all over the partner’s body or tying them up but something as stark as offering to bring in a third individual into the bedroom is a big no.

Libra is also a romantic and love romantic gestures like playing with the hair, whispering things into the ear and of course a romantic ambience is an added bonus if you’re looking to turn Libra on.


Scorpio knows how to have sex for what it is. They are wild, passionate, mysterious, and strong and there’s no stopping them. If you’re with a Scorpio then be prepared to leave all your inhibitions outside the door. With Scorpio sex isn’t calming. It isn’t something you involve yourselves in to get rid of work stress or to call forth sleep when you’re both awake and unable to sleep at night.

For a Scorpio, sex has a time of its own and that time has to be committed to sex itself. But you’re not going to regret the time you dole out to Scorpio for a session at love making. Try it!


The type of sex he wants according to his Zodiac!

Sagittarius is sexually turned on by intelligence. Take them on a ride through communications that could be about anything for that matter but must be deep and meaningful. Sagittarius love to go on journeys. Prove to them how making love to you is no less than going on a journey by making the sessions memorable and pleasurable at the same time. Discuss human mind, philosophy and any other thing that interests you in order to trigger Sagittarius into wanting to get to know you even more intimately. They are curious signs.


Capricorn is a psychic when it comes to knowing what their partner wants in bed. So they’ll give you what you want the most. But they are also looking for a partner who would understand their sexual needs as much as they understand their partner’s. They might like a certain move of yours and you’ll have to figure it out from their facial expressions and physical response. Capricorn just won’t tell you. You have to understand and that is when they will love you even more than they already do.


Aquarius too gets bored of routine just like Gemini and Libra. Aquarius likes to make things new, create different moves, role play and if you have Aquarius as your partner you would need to know how to make things exciting by making things new.

Also Aquarius would love to have a partner who would go to the extent of attending sex seminars or participating in a contest which involves revealing how well a couple knows one another in terms of their sexuality. They’re the quirky kinds, and if you love what they love then you’re going to make a perfect sexual pair.


Pisces is the most emotional among the rest of the signs in the zodiac. They’re emotional and at the same time imaginative, so that they’ll want to fantasize about sex but also needs a partner who will be gentle with them taking into consideration their soft natures.

Pisces needs a partner who will be able to show them what to do by being a part of their fantasy play but also making sure not to take it beyond a healthy level where things might get messy also keeping in mind not to hurt them in any way emotionally. However they’re wonderful to make love to; soft, gentle, creative, romantic, dreamy, intuitive, caring, and giving.

Let us know how long the night lasted for you. J