5 Unhealthy fashion trends to avoid

5 unhealthy fashion trends to avoid

Women, especially young girls follow every fashion trend without considering the toll it takes on them. Skinny jeans, heavy purses, high heels, tons of makeup, crop tops, contact lenses, etcetera can actually cause long term permanent damage on your body. So stay away from fads that don’t benefit you. Health comes prior to glamour.

Some of the common fashion trends that are harming us slowly are

  • Sexy High Heels

5 unhealthy fashion trends to avoid
High heels make you look tall, sexy and glamorous. They serve as your fashion statement yet they cause unavoidable pain. When you wear high heels and walk in them, your forty and something weight gets shifted from your heels to your toes and feet. The higher the inches, the more is the pressure on your knees. Wear them occasionally but not regularly.

  • Contact lenses

Are you wearing your contacts after taking a prescription from the doctor? If not, you are at the risk of becoming blind, developing scratches in the cornea, decreased vision and pink eye!

  • Skinny Thinny Jeans

5 unhealthy fashion trends to avoid


Girls seem to be mad about being “sexy.” Another invention at their disposal to make them look sexy and slim are those tight fitting jeans. When you sit with those pants on and feel tightened, they are not right for you. They put undesirable pressure on your spinal nerves. If you are really obsessed about getting into pants that are practically not your size, try buying stretchable jeans with breathable material such as cotton. This will widen the distance between your skin and contagious contaminants.

  • Heavy stylish purses

5 unhealthy fashion trends to avoid

Heavy stylish bags may make you look a fashion diva but they won’t make you a fitness freak. Yes, they look cool but they cause wear of the shoulder joint. Heavy slings can disfigured your posture and imbalance your back muscles. If you can’t do without your heavy bag, wear them on alternate shoulders at regular intervals of time so the weight gets evenly distributed. Or rather use backpacks that will again distribute the stress evenly unlike one sided bags that weigh down one of the shoulders.

  • Slimming undies

Slimming undies can cause serious irreversible health issues. Tiny panties that make you look hot presses on your stomach causing the acid to rise to the esophagus, ultimately leading to reflux and heartburn. Avoid wearing tight fitting undies so your muscles and bones remain stress free.