This is the most useless app – it is even banned from the Apple Store

What is worth than squandering money? Burning it!

But there are people who do it. Who do not care how hard others have to work for it…

The most useless app in this world has just been launched and is only available on Android devices, you can download it on Google Play for free? But why blocked on Apple? Because it is that useless that it has not been accepted by the Apple store….

RichInsult is the app launched by an Estonian company called Digital Art Initiative. Not sure why it is called “Art”….


But one has to admit the company is very honest about its goals. The app literally exists for the personal enrichment of the founder: “All money trashed will be used for our own personal enrichment


So how does it work? Once you download the app you get to choose whether you want to trash 1$, 10$ or even 350$…

What do you get once you trashed the money? Nothing but insults… so basically you pay money in order to be insulted… Well, there is one feature though. You get to take part of a ranking and you can see who is “richer” than you and trashes more money. And you can buy a Gold membership. But guess what – the Gold membership gives you literally NO extra features but the only thing that is extra is that you pay 25$ – for nothing…

Is there any more stupid way of burning money? Not that we know of …

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Reynu Maitri
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