Virginity: debunking the taboos

Virginity: the stigmatization of taboos

The triumph of any relationship would be physical intimacy between the couple. Love making and its correlated episodes tend to be the most memorable and cherished. Anybody would be eager to be loved and to show love, and making love is only a means to show how special that person is toward us. Relationships these days have become complex, and we are now not only looking for a life partner but also, a companion with who we can be vulnerable and strong. It’s become a quagmire of emotions and we are looking for someone who doesn’t just love us or wishes to make love with us, marriage has become something further than that. It’s now a concept of two people sharing their lives together who are connected at the physical and spiritual level. So love is much simpler, involving two people who are connected on a romantic level.

What is the social taboo associated?

Virginity: the stigmatization of taboos

The people of India have yet not accepted this reality, and they still believe it to be a forbidden act. Loving someone before marriage is natural, and making love is just a part of the relationship. Getting married to your partner and then doing away with your virginity may be an ideal situation, but there is definitely nothing wrong with sex outside of marriage or even before marriage.

What is the religious taboo associated?

Virginity: the stigmatization of taboos

Some people believe that sex is religiously forbidden and that if committed before marriage, it angers the Gods. There are people, who are gullible to fall for this notion, and there are non-believers who don’t believe in religious doctrines. What should be justified is sex is as personal as is religion, and both entities should never be confused with each other. Religion can be your guide; so long it doesn’t mislead or confuse you. Choose what you believe is best for you!

The pros and cons of premarital sex

Virginity: the stigmatization of taboos

Having someone to love is great, and being loved is great. Having varied views on sexuality is also greater. But making sex the sole reason of marriage is probably the biggest blunder anyone can commit, and exploring the varied possibilities of sex and love making is nothing wrong! Before plunging into lifelong commitments, it should be a must that you truly and wholly understand and accept yourself as a person. A large proportion of that includes sexuality too!

  • The pros of having a sexual relationship before marriage are that you know how thrill and adventure is, and you have got a taste of it. So you will likely not make the mistake of choosing someone based on physical appearances and attraction. The choices that you make thereafter are much more mature.
  • There are not many cons other than the fact that safe sex is recommended. There are no other issues that should keep you away from your partner.

A healthy happy life is all that an individual needs. What the individual decides for himself is solely his discretion and nobody, neither the society nor the religion has a word to say about it. It’s a personal choice, and it needs to be respected. Also, with the evolution of new needs, people’s thoughts should grow, so as to keep in par with the present age.

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