Voluminous hair not a dream anymore!

Having thick, luscious hair is every girl’s dream. You may have naturally thin, limp strands of hair or you may be obsessed with having extra volume in your already thick hair.

Voluminous hair not a dream anymore!

Whatever your reasons, we can very well resonate with your wish to flaunt bouncy and thick hair.

Well, if you don’t already know tips to create a bounce in your hair, you are in for a special treat. Below are listed some easy ways to give your hair the desirable fullness to go with the shape of your face.


Lifting Of Roots

Roots of the hair are the only place you have to work on to create an illusion of voluminous hair.

  • You can use a comb to brush the under surface of your hair strands. Brush it gently so as to avoid plucking the hair out.
  • Brush it just as much to acquire the desirable amount of volume because the more you brush, the bouncier it gets.


Choosing a Haircut

Voluminous hair not a dream anymore!

It is no secret that the shorter the hair, the thicker it looks.

  • If you have naturally thin hair, you should go for hair length no longer than shoulders. Even so, not all people with short haircuts for fine hair attract envious eyes. It is so because certain hairstyles will still make your hair look thin and slick, such as layers.
  • It is advised for people with thin, wispy hair to not to go for a layered haircut. Instead, cut your hair in steps, feathers or bangs to add a natural bounce to it.


Choosing a Hairdo

Having said all that, you need not worry if you don’t have time or luxury to get a fancy haircut.

  • You can still give your hair an edge over people with hair thicker than yours without getting a new haircut. And that can be done by picking a perfect hairdo. Yes, that one is easy.
  • Learn to do quick buns and braids for everyday styling and give your peers a reason to turn their heads to look at you.
  • Creating a lift by combing the under surface of your hair and then tying it into a high pony tail, curling, doing French braids, doing a side sweep and messy buns is some awfully easy hairdos to go with.


Using Hair Products

Voluminous hair not a dream anymore!

Let’s spend a few bucks!

  • If you are someone with naturally thin hair, then it’s time for you kick out a regular shampoo out of your bathroom closet. Regular shampoos are thick, and some even grainy,that tend to leave residues even after washing.
  • While they’re good for the nourishment of the health of your hair, they are not suitable for your volume problems since residues weigh down one’s hair.
  • You are advised to stock your closet with special volumizing shampoos Condition your hair with volume-boosting conditioners after every wash for best results.
  • A hairspray is another volume-maintaining hair product which you can use while styling your hair.


Using Extensions

Voluminous hair not a dream anymore!

Only if you can afford; don’t get hard on your pocket!

  • Adding hair extensions are another way, although costly, of creating an impression of fullness.
  • It is suggested that you go for longer lasting extensions since you’re spending money either way so you might as well reap prolonged benefits.


Healthy Diet Plans

Lastly, take care of what you feed your hair. It is essential to take perfectly nutritious diet plansfor growth and health of one’s hair. Consume plenty of water to keep your scalp hydrated.

We hope we’ve taken off some of your styling burdens successfully. While some of these techniques do require you to empty your pockets, others are plainly a matter of styling sense and some crazy amount of creativity.

Wish You A Good Hair Day!


Image Courtesy: Instagram Account: indian.skin

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