Wake up feeling fresh every morning!

Wake up feeling fresh every morning!

Does waking up in the morning slow the rest of your day down? You feel, no matter how early you sleep, you could always do with some more. The rest of the day, you are just not energized enough, and everything around you slowly becomes mundane till you can get back to sleep again, only to find yourself tired the next morning as well.

The quality of sleep is very important. You can sleep for over 8 hours and still feel sleepy sometimes. This happens because irrespective of the hours you sleep, the soundness of your sleep is very important. While you sleep, the rest of the world is a faraway dream that must not intervene. A good night’s sleep is the prelude to feeling rejuvenated every morning.


The succeeding points will help us understand how to prepare for an excellent night’s sleep so that the following morning – no matter the number of hours you sleep for – you feel well-rested and refreshed.


What You Must Do Before You Go To Bed?


  • Empty Your Bladder

Some of us have the habit of reading or watching movies or listening to music before falling into a deep slumber.

But one must complete all the work in the toilet before going to bed. You don’t want the insane urge to pee to wake you up in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning. While brushing your teeth, putting cream on, changing into fresh clothes, you must also remember to drink enough water and empty your bladder thereafter.


  • The Layout Of Your Room

Wake up feeling fresh every morning!

Place your furniture at strategic positions, paint your room pleasant colours, give your room a feeling of warmth and security and neatness. The messier your room, the messier your sleep is.

Your bed can be near the window, with the door in the view, to give you a sense of safety.

You can paint your room pleasant tones of white, blue and green as well.


  • Binge-Eating or Binge-Drinking Before Sleep

Wake up feeling fresh every morning!

No intoxicants, no chocolates, no extra large pizzas right before sleep. Have whatever you want during the evening, give it some time to settle. Keep a safe time-gap between the consumption of wine, caffeine, chocolates, beer, redbull – or any other kind of energizing drink/food – before you go to sleep.


What Must You Do In The Mornings?


  • Jive to Juice After Waking Up

Wake up feeling fresh every morning!

Watermelon, orange, pomegranate, grape or any other fruit juice is the healthiest way to start your morning. Have a glass of water if not anything, to hydrate yourself.

Start the morning fresh, healthy and naturally. Avoid caffeine as no matter how much it helps awaken your senses, it should only be drank during times you feel extreme fatigue or sleep-deprived.

You can have occasional cups or tea or coffee, but keep the consistent juice/H2O consumption going to keep your body and skin healthy, hydrated and glowing!


  • Work-Out

Wake up feeling fresh every morning!

You must have a routine workout session chalked out for the morning. It could be 30-minutes of cardio – running or jogging or walking, Yoga and Meditation, Pilates, swimming, or anything!

Regularly exercising will not only give a refreshing head-start to your day but also keep your body and mind in good health.


  • Positive Vibes

Wake up feeling fresh every morning!

Image Courtesy: Instagram account: jimmy cruze

Don’t let anything pull you down.

Wake up to a brand, new, beautiful day thinking only good thoughts, feeling only positive vibes. The energy you give out, is the energy you attract.

8Tracks has the best morning playlists to get your day started (while you exercise or take a walk). Think about good things, sweet memories, listen to morning chants or plan a holiday if you are in a festive mood!

If you don’t have time for a holiday, plan an exciting day ahead for life’s too short to spend it emitting negative vibes when you can instead ‘seize the day’ and make every morning count!

Images: Instagram account: sage.carlton