Want glossy lustrous hair? Here’s what you should do!

Does your hair lack quality, shine, fullness, and luster? Are you struggling with your hair falling out relentlessly, ends that are breaking, or your hair aren’t as shiny and glossy as you want them to be? Are you having one too many bad hair days? You have come to the right place. Say goodbye to your damaged, rough and dried out hair and dive into the ocean of beautiful glossy locks.

Want glossy lustrous hair? Here's what you should do!

Hair problems can be awfully stressful when you feel like you can’t style your hair or can’t leave your house without worrying too much about your hair: these dilemmas can result in you styling your hair into a bun or worse, a ponytail.

If you want to improve our hair quality, then you have come to the right place. We are going to quickly answer all your questions on how to get those glossy lustrous locks, with these simple steps. These steps are something you do every day and reap their benefits in future.


You are what you eat

Want glossy lustrous hair? Here's what you should do!

What we eat every single day have a huge impact on our body, from hair & nails to your energy levels. Take a look at your daily diet and you will know if you need to make any changes. Think of the ways on how you can make your diet healthier.

Healthy hair needs protein and lots of it. Protein will make your hair strong by building hair follicles and leaving you with strong, shiny and thick locks. Best protein sources are eggs and meat, or beans and legumes if you’re a vegan or vegetarian. You also need to add green leafy vegetables to your diet as they are essential for improving your hair quality at home using your diet.


Improve your hair texture using oils

One of the best ways to improve your hair quality is by using natural oils. Some of the most helpful and effective oils for hair are coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil.

One very simple way of improving your hair quality is by making your own D.I.Y. mixture of oils with your favorite ones and if you want, you can also add scented oils like lavender or vanilla to it. Then all you need to do is massage a good amount of oil into your scalp and ends of your hair. This will improve your hair texture – softer, shinier, stronger – apart from all these benefits, it will also help to increase your hair growth naturally.

The use of these powerful oils cannot be bound just to your hair, and you can also use these oils on your nails, skin and even eyelashes and it can also be used to improve your body from head to toe. To heighten your experience, try using them by adding some other beauty ingredients to it, like an egg, honey, or even a banana will do wonders.


Limit using heating tools

Want glossy lustrous hair? Here's what you should do!

Have you ever noticed how damaged our hair looks after using that trusted hair dryer and our beloved straightener? We all know just how damaging heat can be to our hair, so try to limit using those heating tools as much as possible. Try air drying your hair at least few times a week, and if you really HAVE to use blow dryer or straightener, then ensure you are using a heat protecting spray that will limit the damaging effects those tools will be causing to your hair.

You should also invest in some high quality (and typically expensive) heating tools that would not be as damaging as the cheaper ones but it’s totally worth the price to save that precious hair of yours.


Beauty Sleep

Just like food, sleep has an enormous influence on your overall well-being. Sometimes excessive stress and sleep deficiency can leave you in a constant state of tiredness and can also increase your hair fall out more than usual.

“Beauty Sleep” isn’t a myth, it really works because while you’re sleeping your body does all kinds of repair (from muscles to hair and skin as well). So make sure you are getting at least7-8 hours of sleep every night and this gives your body enough time to refresh itself.

You should also try to decrease all kinds of stress from your life and do some relaxing activities like yoga, meditation, reading books or whatever that tickle your fancy. After doing all that you will notice sufficient change in your mood and your hair will look nice as well.


Take vitamins

No matter how healthy your diet is, you can’t always eat everything that your body requires, day in and day out. Diet alone can’t fix all your hair problems because you might be missing some vital vitamins and minerals even when you are eating all your veggies. So you need to buy some vitamins that will improve your skin, hair and nail quality such as Omega-3, Fish oil capsules, etc. and they will give you everything that you are missing in your diet. Also, make sure you find supplements that have three times the amount of zinc to iron ratios and it will make sure your body is absorbing the vitamins to the fullest.


Smoking is injurious to your hair as well

Want glossy lustrous hair? Here's what you should do!

We all know how bad smoking is for our body. It causes major havoc to your lungs and also reduces your nutrient absorption and leaves you with battered hair. Smoking is also known for premature hair loss – so if you don’t want to be bald during your middle ages, then you need to drop that cigarette right away.


Improve your hair quality by using product

Your hair quality can only be improved if you follow the rule of inside out – because sometimes your hair can look good but may feel rough and brittle when you touch them and hence lack real quality.

It’s true when they say “You are what you eat”, it also applies when it comes to your hair. When you have taken the time to improve hair quality from the inside by fixing your diet, taking necessary vitamins, stopped smoking, etc.- then you will be all geared up to improve the way your hair looks and feels. Below are some easy home remedies to improve your hair quality by using products.



The conditioner isn’t something that we can take too lightly because it does wonders to your hair. If conditioner isn’t already a part of your routine then you are seriously missing out and my advice will be to get on that as soon as possible. Conditioners instantly improves your hair quality, without even going to expensive salons, by moisturizing and strengthening your lustrous locks.

When applying conditioner, take a dime size amount and apply it on your wet hair. Pay more attention to the ends and less at the roots because ends are the most damaged part of your hair and hence needs extra care, whereas using too much conditioner at roots can make your head look greasy.

You can also try using a leave-in conditioner and it will help to keep your hair moisturized throughout the day and will give an instant softness to your locks. If you want to take it to a next level, you can also use hair serum or natural oils and leave them in throughout the day as leave-in conditioner for that “wow” factor you always wanted.


Anti-Aging Shampoo

Want glossy lustrous hair? Here's what you should do!

Just like our skin, our hair age with time too and need anti-aging products as well. Anti-aging shampoos are fashioned especially to balance hormones and replenish your hair quality and will increase the hair growth overtime. As you start using anti-aging products on your skin from a young age, mainly to keep wrinkles at bay, you must use anti-aging shampoos to keep off age-related damage and hair loss. All your answers on how to get thick glorious hair lie in a bottle of an anti-aging shampoo bottle and waiting for you to dive right in.


Microfiber Towels

Most of you don’t know but your towels can be the reason of that unwanted frizz and breakage because regular towels can be extremely rough on your hair. I will suggest swapping your regular hair towel with a microfiber towel as they are soft and doesn’t leave your hair frizzy, and instead, gives you flawless hair.

Transforming your hair from being a dried disaster to thick glorious hair is simple than you think. Just remember to fix the problem from inside out. Follow these simple steps and you will see anoticeable change in how your hair feels and looks in just a few weeks or even days. If you have any secrets to your own beautiful hair, then do share your tricks with us so you can try them out too!!


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