Want to keep that beautiful smile of yours forever?

Want to keep that beautiful smile of yours forever? Here's what to do!

Who doesn’t admire for a dazzling smile with the shining white set of teeth? We often neglect about the oral hygiene and don’t do much maintain it properly.Being a woman, we do take care of everyone, everyone’s demand but when it comes to us when ignore it. But why should we do such things? Oral hygiene is very important and if do not take proper care then god knows when all our teeth can fall off!So we are here with ways to keep your teeth white and prevent them from discoloration or decay. These natural ways will definitely help you to whiten teeth and will maintain your oral hygiene.Here we have come up with a list of secrets to restore your gorgeous smile!



Brushing your teeth twice a Day!

Obviously, it’s not easy to brush your teeth after every meal but brushing twice a day is not at all a hectic thing as one should devote their time in keeping their teeth clean as much as possible. A lot of food items get stuckin your teeth andgetting rid of them immediatelyis very important and brushing helps in that.



Natural Tooth Whiteners

Want to keep that beautiful smile of yours forever? Here's what to do!

Apples and Strawberries are considered as some of the best tooth whiteners. Constituting an enzyme called “malic” in them these fruits helps in keeping the teeth white and shiny. So the more apple & strawberries, the more shiny teeth!



Baking Soda and Lemon to the Rescue

Want to keep that beautiful smile of yours forever? Here's what to do!

Lemon and Baking soda being one of the best combinations of citric foods helps to keep that shine in your teeth. A thick paste of baking soda and lemon should be made and can be applied to your teeth by using cotton and should be left for about a minute. And then should be washed off. Regular application of this paste twice a day will make you observe the difference and you’ll surely be able to get back that shine of your teeth.



Certain Drinks causes Staining

Want to keep that beautiful smile of yours forever? Here's what to do!

Well, I won’t say that all liquid items causes staining of your teeth but there are many that can cause such problems therefore such items should be strictly avoided to have a better oral hygiene. Beverages such as tea, coffee & wine come under such items and it’s high time you should avoid them. Obviously all of a sudden you can’t stop or avoid them but consumption of such drinks should be minimized slowly. Regular consumption of such items can not only cause problem to your oral hygiene but can also affect your other health problems as well. So it’s better to stop than to delay.


All time Tooth-Brush!

All time tooth brush doesn’t mean you have to brush your teeth all the time but there are natural tooth brushes and those are Fruits & Veggies. Regular intake of fruits and veggies not only maintains your teeth but also reduces the bacteria that form inside it. They act as natural tooth brushes are pulls them off and keeps your teeth healthy. Moreover, they also help in teeth whitening.

So these simple tips can help you to maintain a proper oral hygiene despite of busy schedule. So go ahead and try them!