Want to prevent yourself from falling in love with an unavailable person? Here’s how you do it!

Sometimes the greatest irony of life is falling with the right person at the wrong time. If you have been there, you will understand what I am trying to point out here. It may be a painful realisation that you cannot have the person that you fall for, but that is how it is and you cannot force your love on someone who is in no position to reciprocate it back. Some people are too magnetic for us to resist getting closer. But looking at the bigger picture, it is best to learn how to stop yourself from falling for someone who will never love you.

Want to prevent yourself from falling in love with an unavailable person? Here's how you do it!

Love is over powering. You have no control over who you start giving your all to at times. But saving yourself is your first primal instinct and no matter how hard that sounds to your right now, you can also fall out of love just like you fall in love. Being aware of a situation where you cannot have the person you love can come crushing in on your level of confidence. Here is what you could do to save yourself a major heartbreak:


Being practical is the need of the hour


Being in love can make you forget about what’s the right thing for you. What you think is ideal may turn out to be a disaster if you don’t judge the situation well. Is there someone else involved in this love triangle? Is the man married or are you married? If your feelings have massive impact on the settled life of an established couple, then you definitely need to rethink where you are headed. Would you love it if you were in the other person’s position? No matter how attracted you are right now, the repercussions of your obsessive tendencies may be hard to bear later on.


Convince yourself of the reasons why it won’t work out


The reasons may be many. And so will the excuses. Make sure you have them repeated in your head often enough so that there is enough clarity as to why falling in love or staying in love despite knowing the truth may be a wrong idea. Being convinced is more important now because nobody else can make sense to you in such a situation.


Ask for a second opinion


Listen to those who know you better and have always been your well-wishers. While they may not understand your situation as great as you do but they can definitely get you closer to who you are and who you have always been. Your own people would never want to see you hurt or devastated in any situation. Listen to someone who shows you a more practical side of what you a dealing with. People might also take advantage of your weakness and manipulate and use all the information that you share with them. So, even when people get brutally honest and want to protect you, don’t hurt them back rather be as calm as possible in such troubled times.


Avoid seeing him

Want to prevent yourself from falling in love with an unavailable person? Here's how you do it!

By this I mean avoid seeing them everywhere. Out of sight out of mind works here better. If you really have to save yourself from all the hassles of being in an undesirable situation, avoid following them. For some times at least be stay out of those places where he is a regular. This way you will get used to not bumping into him here and there. Sounds like something that cowards do? But if you have to save yourself from hopeless being obsessed about someone you can never have, you have to go do everything that’s possible from your end which even includes taking a U-turn when it suits you best.  Stay out of his social media accounts. There is no point knowing what he is up to.


Demonise them in your head


This person that you have been worshipping has his set of flaws too. In love, we tend to skip all these little shortcomings that make people all the more human. Look for those and repeat those to yourself so that you think of the better options that are there for you. This is when you will be able to see clearly why you can never be compatible together and how ugly things will really be if you overlook them right now.


Think about yourself now


Focus on being better. Focus on your friends and family and dedicate your time to doing those things which you skipped out while obsessing over someone who you could never have in life. Open yourself up to the better people who are willing to commit to you and take care of you. You need to focus on people who are willing to walk that extra mile for you, not those who are either cowards or do not feel for you enough.