Want to speak your mind? Use expression handbags

Want to speak your mind? Use expression handbags

expression bags

Who doesn’t love handbags?

A handbag is not just a mere accessory but it also can be an expression of whom you are and where you belong in social, economic and fashion terms. Be it one that suits your status or something that simply has enough room to tuck your essentials, you always convey something about yourselves when you tote around your handbag.


Just like t-shirts and sweatshirts tell something about the person sporting them, like their love for a city or supporting a cause or asking them to ‘keep calm’ and so on there are also handbags with messages. They are called expression bags. If you get a chance to go through the spring summer 2015 accessories of almost any designer you would definitely stumble upon a few such bags. Talking about street fashion, expression bags are everywhere.



An elegant and interesting collection of expression handbags have been Phillip Lim’s. The designer’s fall-winter 2014/15 showcases a variety of leather bags and clutches in subtle tones with mind boggling words.  Clutches with statements (probably a little big for a clutch) had owned the Paris Fashion Week, thanks to Kenzo’s fall 2014 works.

The erstwhile colourful Chanel bags that had displayed “Chanel No 5” on it and mounted in mini shopping baskets looked way too bizarre.  But that’s what being in fashion is all about – bizarreness. Isn’t it?



If you are looking for something that could take you back to childhood then there are bags with lines from your favourite Disney movies. Not to mention that cartoons characters like Minions have also been quite hit too. Other hilarious covers would be those that resemble to painkillers and vitamin supplements. Jeez!!


Besides the ‘expressions’ part, expression bags come in all shapes and sizes. They are available as sling bags with a passionate “Forever No?” or just cute clutches with an “OMG”. They usually have zip closures with shapes intact. Let it either nestle in your palm or wear it like a cross body. These latest style statements are spacious enough to carry all of your stuff as well.


So fashion definitely “speaks” your mind especially when your lips are failing to express.  Liners like “…don’t care. Tonight ‘am yours” or just a simple picture of bananas are both fun and flirtatious. Though the content may be interpreted as sexual such statements would be rather highlighting your confident personality than anything else to the opposite sex. Yes eyes would be trailing behind you for sure as expression bags are attention seekers.





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