6 Ways to revive an old friendship

Ways to revive an old friendship


When even fathers and fairies fail to show up, it is the friends that come to your rescue. Friendship is a very integral part of human existence and it is undeniable that without friends, life would be boring and dull. It is the friends that stand by your side in your sorrows and times of joy and happiness. Good, bad or ugly, they are there for you to give you a shoulder to cry on or a great warm hug to ease you out.

In our course of life, we tend to meet dozens of people. Some become the ‘hi’ friend, some become the ‘beer party’ friend while some become the ‘money bank’ friend. No matter how many friends you make throughout your life, there is no denying that childhood friends are the most special. They have been with you from toddlers till date and have endured the entire thick and thins of life altogether with you.

Wisely said, ‘There is something about childhood friends that you just cannot replace’

However, as the years go by and several factors such as career, transfer and family bounces on you and you tend to part ways from your childhood friends. Here are ways to breathe life into an old friendship of yours and treasure it forever!


  • Reach Out/ Network

Ways to revive an old friendship

Try to find a mutual friend that you both might be in touch with. Look for friends from school or perhaps the dance or music classes you went in. This will help you get in touch with her. Ask your mutual friend to help you in this by getting you connected to her via a phone call or Whatsapp. If you are unable to find a mutual friend, then straightaway search for your friend on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. If you are lucky enough to track her, send a casual message and wait for her response. If you both have been apart since a very long time span, she will probably take time to reconnect and if you guys drifted with a fight then chances are that your message will re-evoke those bad memories and she might just choose not to talk. If so, you must respect her decision.

  • Be Persistent But Not Impatient

 Persistence will act as a key in your mission but behaving impatient will spoil the game. Being persistent here means that it is okay to resend another message after a gap but spamming her inbox with your messages and mails will be a complete spoiler. Allow her to take her own time to reconnect with you. If you think you wait has been too long enough and she shows no sign of a reunion, then simply move on!


  • Keep the First Meeting Short

Ways to revive an old friendship


If she has responded to your mails or messages and you guys are planning to meet then make sure that you plan a small and quick meet. A coffee meet or lunch at a busy café can help you arrange that. This will help you both to be casual and open up without moments of awkward silences. Since it is obvious that years have gone by and she must have changed as a person, so getting things just as they were before will not work out in the first meet itself.


  • Be Prepared For the Changes

It is necessary that you equip yourself mentally for the substantial changes that you will observe in her. You guys are meeting after a long gap and you may discover that now you both have nothing in common and are poles apart. There are no common interests, opinions or if we put it in simple words, your chords don’t strike anymore.  The different wavelengths may leave you damped in disappointment and the only way to curb it is either to wait to get to know her all over again or to just move on.

Remember when we were little? We always wanted to grow up. Now we realize it was best when we were kids’


  • Spark Concern

Showing genuine interest and concern is an important factor which will decide your fate with your old friend. If you get to know that she is undergoing tough times in her life and is not doing as well as you are, ensure your support to her. You need to remind yourself, that no matter how much she has changed, she eventually is your childhood BFF and was the most special thing to you at a point in time.

Your college friends may know who you are but your childhood friends know why you are like that’


  • Follow Up

Ways to revive an old friendship

If you wholeheartedly want to rekindle your friendship then you have to make sure that you keep a follow up of your meetings. After your first short and crisp meet, if you get to know that there are chances to revive the old person out of the new cover, then make bang on solid plans for your next meet. Do not delay your second meet and if in case you become a circumstantial victim with your hectic schedule, make sure to stay connected via phone and video calls.  Make plans and show up as soon as you get rid of your tiresome timetable. On the other hand, if she is the one taking initiative, make sure to respond positively.


True happiness is reconciliation with an old childhood friend’


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