How to separate personal and professional life


“It’s not personal, It’s business!”

Your personal and professional life are two different worlds. It is very important to manage both efficiently in order to remain at peace. Here are a few tips to master the same:

  • It is impossible to not be social at work. You definitely will bond with your co- workers over music, food, daily soaps or even gossips. With time, you might realise that they fall short in terms of what they need to deliver at the work place. Either, they are too casual about their work approach or lack the merit. Nonetheless, you need to maintain the amicability to ensure peace at your place of work. However, while dealing with an important project or assignment, be careful about performance, That is what is supposed to drive you at the office. Try making informed choices and abstain from taking responsibility for the choices of your friends.


  • Your co-workers can at times take advantage of the friendship that you share. You might be asked to finish tasks on their behalf or switch shifts. If you are fine with it, that’s understandable. However, weigh the pros and cons well. Do they return the favours? If not, you might be paying a heavy price for the friendship you share. It might cost you your effectiveness at work. Speak to your friends in order to avoid a heated discussion and misunderstanding. Real friends understand.


  • If you share your ambitions with a co- worker, at times, being promoted might invite jealousy. Your superior position might hurt his/ her ego. You might want to balance your position but remind yourself that your work should come first. It is your merit that has got you in this position and not favours. If you remain professional and respectful, things will resume peacefully. Prioritise your responsibilities than letting blind friendship affect your work output.


  • Avoid using social networking sites to promote your work. Use a separate profile or page to connect with your co- workers. You might not want your friends and family to interfere in your professional life and vice versa. You may have no idea as to who might break your trust.


  • Avoid letting your professional work hours interfere with your personal space. Make a schedule that lets you enjoy your personal time with your loved ones as well. Do not let your work take a toll on your relationships. Begin and end your work on time. Do not let your loved ones bear the brunt of your professional life. Maintain a high sense of professionalism and rule out discussing office gossips with your friends and family.


  • Explore ways to remain stress- free. Engage in an active lifestyle to avoid sluggishness. Yoga and meditation might help you disconnect from pressures at home or at the work place. Avoiding activities that connect you technologically is the best way to enjoy your personal space.





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