Ways to Spot and Nurture Talent In Your Child

Photo: https://www.pexels.com/photo/girl-beside-flower-vase-inside-white-painted-room-220427/

Every child is different and they all have some hidden talents that will pop up eventually. While they are playing outside or attending school you could notice that there are some activities that they are good at. It could be drawing, singing, playing musical instruments, or sports games like football, basketball or swimming. Whatever it is, you should nurture those talents and still be a supporting and loving parent. Some toddlers are good at everything and you will need help to keep up with it. With our tips and tricks, you will easily spot the right talent in your child.


Become an observer

Observing your children while they are playing or doing homework you could learn a lot about them. You don’t have to become a stalker and follow their every move. If you do that you could jeopardize their privacy and bring tension in your home. Become a part of their daily activities. You could draw things together and watch how he use colors, is he good at drawing objects or portraits. Try to give him some advice on combining colors or a challenge him to draw a fruit basket or his favorite toy. After your toddler finishes his masterpiece you could hang it on the fridge so he could stay motivated. Making a small collection of his artworks so that you could track his progress and see is that the right talent that you should take good care of.


Good listener

Children love to sing, dance and play musical instruments. They already have their favorite songs, singers and even rock bands that they are trying to imitate. Becoming a good listener can be the perfect way to spot your kid’s talent. If you don’t get headaches of their singing or banging the things around the house, your child is having good talent. Now you can come on stage and make a plan on how to maintain his love for music. A coming birthday can be the right occasion for a good surprise. The market is full of best guitars for kids so do your research and choose the one that will be good for his practice. You could sign up him in some musical school and help him on that way to become better. Who knows, when he gets older and awesome in it, he can become a member of the famous band.


Track their progress

Tracking children’s progress in school or sports activities is a good thing that every parent should do. That way you would notice if your kid is having a problem in solving some tasks or obstacles. While he is going on his basketball training you could go with him. That way you could talk to his trainer and inform yourself about his progress. If the coach brags about your child and compliments him you spot on a talent for basketball. To become supportive and help him with his talent, you could get a basketball board and attach it to the garage wall in the backyard. During the days when he doesn’t have the training, you could challenge him to play with after homework. Playing together his favorite game will make you closer than before and he will become better at it.

Being a parent is a hard and responsible thing to do. Sometimes is amusing and fun but it can become a struggle if you are losing their attention during conversations. Patience and understanding are essential in their development period. Don’t rush too much in deciding what should they do in their future. Be a good listener and carefully track their progress. That way you could spot their talents that you should nurture and help them to find their right path on what they should be when they grow up. Spend as much time as you can together and one day you will see how your effort is granted through their success.