4 Ways to unleash the beast inside without going to the gym

4 Ways to unleash the beast inside without going to the gym


In the past five years, the trend of gym has sky rocketed and we all must have evidenced that. A survey found out that today 7 out of 10 people have a gymnasium membership. Because of the growing trend and its massive success in body transformation, aoutlookas a whole is being formed where people have started thinking that gym is the only place where one can measure its true working out capacity. Well! Let me tell you that it isn’t true. You can unleash the beast inside you even without going to a gym. In fact, large numbers of people are gradually opting out for these zero machine workouts.



This is not just super fun but additionally, it is also a great workout regime. In this workout, you have to mimic animal movements. This workout will include copying their jumping, crawling, twisting etc. This is gaining popularity as it is a body weight training programme that rewards you with flexibility, strength, resolution and power. This workout also helps you lose weight faster.



 4 Ways to unleash the beast inside without going to the gym

Not only has rowing found fame in India with the 2016 Rio Olympics, also, a lot of people are adopting it as a workout regime. It is understood that it is not feasible to be adapted in metropolitan cities without proper availability of rowing facilities but those who have, have the profound benefits of rowing which includes working out of many muscle groups at a time, burning of more calories than running. It is intensive and a total body workout and the beautiful surrounding around the lakes making it a therapy for peace of mind as well. So go and row rowrow..!




This is not the ordinary running exercise. In this you run on uneven terrains as in the jungles and forests as it demands higher lateral movements and more effort is put into it. Therefore, you burn more calories. Find out a neighborhood with uneven paths or a track with grass, mud and dirt. If you want to take this workout to a higher level, then you can also try sprinting on such tracks. But we recommend that you do not start sprinting on such tracks without trying normal run before.



4 Ways to unleash the beast inside without going to the gym

Those easy looking swift turns and gliding are not really that easy. Skating and rollerblading are highly challenging activities and require great cardiovascular strength. Your core and your legs are thoroughly exercised in this workout. It is also considered as an alternative for aerobic exercise and is ultimate if you are looking for a perfect quad and glutes workout. This workout is also known for its extraordinary benefits in curbing stress and anxiety.


So these are four zero machine workouts that you must try. Unlike the gym where chances are that you will get bored very easily with the same machines and equipment every day, these outdoor activities will keep your game on point.  These workouts will also get you more Vitamin D as they are being performed outdoors and will also support healthy sleep.



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