We know nothing, Jon Snow

we know nothing, jon snow

What is the fate of Jon Snow?


In the brand new trailer, in the Hall of Faces, where the facades of all the dead Starks hung, was Jon Snow’s face and his words echoing, ‘The long night is coming…’ So is he really dead like most of the Starks?


Melissandre, The Red Priestess, has reached Castle Black on time. So is she bringing him back to life?


There are many questions that have gone unanswered in the previous seasons:

  • Why was Jon’s mother never revealed?
  • Why was Ned’s infidelity or the fact that Ned is Jon’s father always questioned and doubted in the series?
  • And why did Jon have an intense showdown with the White Walker King, which felt like it would foreshadow a greater battle?

All these questions are pointing to only one conclusion – Jon snow is going to be resurrected.

Different theories

  1. If Lyanna Stark is Jon’s mother, Rhaegar Targaryen – the father, it makes Jon a Targaryen. Some say he will be burnt, and he shall rise from his ashes, revealing his true dragon self.

we know nothing, jon snow

  1. Another theory is that Jon will live by warging, that is, by entering the mind of another animal right before dying and continuing to live inside their bodies. They say Jon will warg, enter Ghost – his direwolf’s mind – and live on. Jon has a strong connection with Ghost, and he says he and Ghost are ‘one’. Even Jon’s last word was‘Ghost’.


  1. Some people even believe Jon Snow will become a White Walker and come back to lead their army against the living!

But what I think really happening is,

  • Melissandre has begun to realize that the prophesied hero of the Lord of The Light is not Stannis, but actually Jon Snow. Melissandre prays for a glimpse of Azor Ahai and says, ‘R’hllor shows me only Snow.’


  • We know from BericDondarrion and Thoros of Myr, that Red Priests can bring the dead back to life, but every time they are brought back, something changes about them.


  • Melissandre has taken a significant interest in Jon Snow.

we know nothing, Jon Snow

  • In the books, Melissandre foresees the future, and warns Jon of ‘daggers in the dark’ and telling him, that ‘soon enough’ he’ll have ‘grave need’ of her that she’s his ‘only hope’.


  • She also suggests Jon to join hands with her as together, they both have the power of ‘making life and light’.


  • In the show she even visits Thoros of Myr, may be to learn the art of bringing people back to life.


  • ‘My spells would suffice,’ she said ‘her magic is becoming stronger at the Wall,’ even stronger than in Asshai. ‘Such shadows as I bring forth here will be terrible, and no creature of the dark will stand before him.’

we know nothing, Jon Snow

  • Melissandre conveniently turns up at the wall – Castle Black – in time for Jon Snow’s stabbing.


Only death can pay for life and in previous Seasons, we have seen Melissandre requires king’s blood to perform her magic. I wonder which King’s blood she will use now… But from the hints given throughout the season, it is most likely that Melissandre is resurrecting Jon Snow.

Anyhow from the above mentioned points and theories, we can rest assured, that there is at least a 99% chance of Jon Snow coming back. The remaining 1% is a shadow of doubt, because it’s Game of Thrones. You never EVER know for sure. But I certainly cannot wait, and I’m sure neither can the rest of you, to find out Jon Snow’s ultimate fate.

Releasing on the 24th of April, Game of Thrones – Season 6.

Winter is Coming.



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