Wedding gifts you should never give – 5 most common

Wedding gifts you should never give – 5 most commonWhen going to a wedding, guests spend a lot of time, effort and money in deciding their look so that they look their dashing best and impress everyone with their get-up. But what happens to these guests when it comes to choosing gifts for the newly-wed couples? Why do they stick to the same drab, monotonous kind of gifts as gift options? Well, if you are wondering what these gifts are, we have compiled a list of some of the done-to-death gift options which we hope you will abstain from giving to the newly-wed couple.

  1. Upholstery gifts

This is one of the most common gift options that guests find it very convenient to gift newly-weds. What guests do not realize is that the receivers of these gifts do not find it so amusing as surely no one would like to do up their home with assorted sets of upholstery items not of their liking.

  1. Dress materials

Gifting the groom a suit-set and the bride is again such a predictable gift option. People are very choosy about the clothes they wear, so how is it that as guests you are so sure that the clothes you are gifting will be appreciated by the couple. When someone gifts clothes, it clearly shows that the guest has been very lazy and picked up some unused cloth piece from their wardrobe and gifted it.

  1. Cutlery set

This is a very common gift which guests resort to when gifting newly-wed. Mark you, these cutlery sets are not the designer ones which a person would like to flaunt in their crockery cabinet but cheap run-of-the-mill ones which in all probability your guest had grabbed from the dusty shelves of their store room.

  1. Kitchen appliances


Many guests assume that by giving kitchen appliances to the newlyweds, they are rendering a wonderful service to the couple by helping them set up their kitchen. But what these guests are not aware of is that, other guests also think on the same lines and the result is that the young couple is flooded with multiple juicers and mixers which creates a serious space problem in the newly-weds home.

  1. Make-up kits

This is another of those useless gifts which lazy guests resort to when they do not have the time or inclination to buy meaningful gifts for the newly-wedded couple. Guests create a collage of cheap cosmetics and present them to the bride knowing fully well that even the bride would never use it. All we can hope is brides do not use such cosmetics and spoil their skin.

Were you thinking of taking some of these gifts to the next wedding you have been invited to. If so, then kindly stop yourself from doing so for giving such gifts that are so boring and predictable in nature will definitely not bring any happiness on the newly wed faces.

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