What are sex toys?

What are sex toys and what can I use them for?

The term sex toy is used to describe objects that help to sexually stimulate oneself or one’s sexual partner while having sex. In the western world these sex toys only started appearing in the 90ies as societies became more open and expressive.

What kind of sex toys exist?

There is a range of sex toys that are available. Sex toys include vibrators, dildos, Ben Wa balls, butt plugs, strap-ons, penis cages, penis rings, chastity belts, devices for erotic electro stimulation, sex dolls, vaginal replicas and much more. Such items are offered in sex shops, at erotic fairs, in erotic catalogues and on relevant internet sites.

In a broader sense, special clothing, role-playing equipment (e.g. shackles, whips, diapers), clamps and similar accessories can also be added. Normal household objects can also be used as sex toys, for example candles, fruit, vegetables, spoons, watering cans, feathers, ice cubes, inflatable objects (water wings, balloons, water balls etc.) or finger paints for painting the body during the love play.

It is important though to always take great care when using sex toys as accidents can happen and actually do on a regular base.

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