What are the benefits and drawbacks of smart school uniforms?

The modern education system has mixed feelings about the school uniform. How reasonable will the introduction of school uniforms be? It all depends on the priorities and features of the perception of some of the pros and cons associated with its wearing.


Weighty arguments for

School uniform is designed primarily to equate all students. This means that students will not focus each other’s attention on things that are not essential for successful learning and forging social connections.

An important argument in favor of school uniforms is discipline inoculation from early childhood. The need to wear the clothes introduced by the school administration obliges pupils to watch the appearance.

The school uniforms give tangible advantage. Observing the dress code, parents are exempt from the need to independently form a wardrobe for a child for the entire school year.


The disadvantages of school uniforms

The main disadvantage of the same clothes for all students is the lack of opportunity to express themselves. The youngsters will desperately resist the need to look the same, try to bring individual notes to the imposed school image.

A standard cut, which doesn’t suit everyone, can be considered as a disadvantage of the school uniform. Schoolchildren often feel uncomfortable and the lack of an opportunity to change a situation for the better simply depresses them.

Daily wearing of a uniform will invariably reflect on its appearance. This is another drawback. You can buy an extra set of clothes, but the high cost of the uniform can hit your pocket, especially when the products are hand-tailored.

Innovations and new technologies are already being introduced in the educational sphere. And although innovative technologies in education regarding school uniforms bring many advantages, perhaps some of them have certain disadvantages. Therefore, Pro-Papers experts examined the positive and negative aspects of these educational innovations.

For example, in many countries a special smart school uniform equipped with GPS-navigators, sensors and chips is being introduced. The Japanese, as expected, were the pioneers in this field. Back in 2005, the manufacturer of the uniform Ogo-Sangyo released a school uniform for elementary school students, equipped with an integrated GPS satellite navigation system. This new generation of clothes gives parents the opportunity to track the location of their children through personal computers. In addition, the system takes care of the child safety. Sensing any threat, a child can press a button and an alarm will be sent to a security service.

In Brazil, computer chips were sewn into school uniforms in order to monitor the movement of students and thus reduce the number of truancy. Microchips were sewn into school T-shirts for 20 thousand students. The chips are placed on the sleeve or under the symbol of a school, which is sewn on the uniform. When a student passes through sensors installed at the entrance to the school, the chip sends an SMS message to the parents. If a child is late for a lesson by more than 20 minutes, one of the family members receives a message with the text: “Your child has not yet arrived at school.”

According to local officials, this will help improve the relationship between teachers and parents. However, in addition to the safety of children and the alleged improvement in their academic performance, such total control holds the child’s psyche oppression and the deterioration of the relationship between the adolescent and the parent as a result of a lack of trust.

In addition to GPS innovation, new technologies of smart school uniforms help make it more comfortable and practical to wear.

Stain-resistant and moisture-proof materials for school uniforms making. Whatever happens, thanks to stain-resistant and moisture-proof materials, your child does not stain or wet his/her clothes, no matter what the weather is outside. The child’s risk of getting sick is reduced, while smart school uniform will serve students for a long time.


Clothes that do not need to be ironed.

There are shirts, trousers, skirts, made of a special crush resistant material. Such clothes will save great time for parents and schoolchildren, giving time to something more useful than an eternal boring clothes ironing. Such a smart school uniform will always help a student to change his/her school uniform to the sport uniform and vice versa. No matter how he/she crushes his/her smart school uniform, it will remain neatly ironed, as before.

There are also materials that heat up after washing, and all you need to do to make them look freshly smoothed is to carefully hang them on a hanger. When clothes dry and cool, it is ready to use.

Wear-resistant shoes are also available in modern smart school uniforms. Such shoe material is resistant to damage and scuffs, so shoes will serve the student for a long time. Special technologies which help to kill harmful bacteria inside a shoe, which prevents the appearance of any fungal diseases, have also been developed.

Another useful innovation is the smart school uniform that holds posture. Spinal curvature is one of the most common causes of problems with posture among schoolchildren. Special elastic constructions, which are sewn inside between the lining and the main fabric, allow schoolchildren to maintain the correct back’s position. When a student is sitting correctly, he/she does not feel any impact of the structure. However, when he/she begins to slouch, he/she begins to feel the tension of elastic elements, and a student becomes uncomfortable to sit in the wrong position.

To sum up, it should be noted that school uniform can be both advantageous and not always convenient. Modern school uniforms are very diverse. And the introduction of a smart school uniform into everyday life solves several problems at once: allows to increase the safety of children and improve their discipline. Choose a smart school uniform or a classic one – it’s up to you. However, be sure to use new technologies advisedly and as intended.


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