10 Mistakes that can ruin your first night!


You have met THE boy: funny, romantic, cute, smart … And you assume this because you have dated him a few times. But there remains a small detail and not the least one : sex. Well yes, you admit it, you have not yet spent a night with him as you fear that this does not happen like in your dreams.

This is what  could ruin your first hot night.


Not being shaved 

We would like to have smooth legs all year. Unfortunately, there is little chance to see this wish fulfilled. Meanwhile, you have no other solution than to go regularly to the institute, to avoid a predicament.


Not wearing the appropriate underwear 

You imagine yourself in a sexy dress, garter belt and coordinated set … Alas, you replay us the famous scene from Bridget Jones wearing her famous sheath. No panic! take it with humor!

Drinking too much

“Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health” but don’t forget it is also dangerous to your sexuality. Between him not being able to do anything and you having a sudden urge to vomit, the scene is really not nice to see.


 Not having a condom

No do not laugh, it happens more often than we think. While he, forgets to check his stock, and finds its tail between its legs (so to say), you, you are not able to get your hands on one you stored in your bag hand. Remember: no condoms = no sex.


Being stressed

When you find yourself in front of him, half naked, you lose all your means, and you wonder if now is a really good idea. Tip: Be honest with him, tell him that you are stressed and you need more time.


You are having your menstruation

You are about to spend a delightful time together, murmuring soft words of love and starting to want more. Damn you are having your periods! You had not planned to get further this night. Remember your periods do not last more than a week. In the meantime be patient and tell him frankly NO!


Not having a place to do it 

Either you are living with mom and dad or just living with a roommate, you face the same problem: the lack of privacy. It is difficult to let go a loud orgasm in that case unless you wake up all the house. On the contrary, if you’re not shy, do not forget however the privacy of others ..


Falling on a premature ejaculation

We must admit, this is not a commitment. Imagine the scene, you are sensual, you planned candles, condoms, and you just want one thing: to reach the seventh heaven. You start with the kiss, you heat you, and there … it’s over!


Dirty sheets

You are certainly not a homemaker and you admit even have a messy side. However, if there is one thing on which you are stingy, it’s clean sheets. First, because you are sleeping, secondly because you happen to receive guests there.


He makes funny noises

You are calm, euphoric, having a wonderful time, when suddenly, horror, he emits a funny noise. So we grant you the time to enjoy we rarely cannons, however, we try not to too much away (especially when it comes to making little sounds glamorous). A tip: do not be too hard on him, at worst, tell him you prefer to do it in silence.


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