What causes wrinkles?

What causes wrinkles?


Now everyone of us can have smooth supple skin with barely a hint of wrinkles, all thanks to plastic surgery and the number of cosmetics available at the drugstore. What if you don’t want to use these expensive cosmetics and go for a natural treatment? Skin conscious women (99% women) try to maintain their youth by trying out bazillion treatments without taking into account the actual reason behind these skin conditions, dominantly wrinkles. One aspect of formation of wrinkles is complexion. The darker you are, the more melanin your skin has, the more is your skin’s ability to suppress fine lines and wrinkles. But for those with a fairly fairer complexion, the risk of developing wrinkles at an early age is high.

Try minimizing the following skin damaging habits and you are all set for lifelong beauty.

  • Facial movements

Facial movements such as furrowing your brows, raising eyebrows, squinting and frowning plants  the seeds for fine lines. Repeating facial movements causes muscles in those areas to contract, enlarges the muscles, makes them stronger and deepens wrinkles. Once those curvaceous lines are fixed, there’s no way out! Not moving your face frequently can help.

  • Pressing your face against the pillow

When you sleep on your stomach or your side with your face pressed against the pillow, you are paving way for skin creases. If you sleep like that for 6-8 hours, those creases leave a permanent mark on your skin. They also change the pattern of blood flow in that area making lines penetrate deeper. Sleeping on your back will not only rescue you from wrinkle formation but also prevent back ache, neck pain, acid reflux, etc.

  • Irritating your eyes

The skin around your eyes is the most delicate skin of your body. Rubbing it will break more elastin and collagen causing your skin to sag. Stretching your skin while applying makeup has a similar effect. Try not to rub and irritate that area otherwise it will give you wrinkles in retrospect.

  • Smoking

Smoke if you want :

  • Wrinkle above and below the lips
  • Saggy chin
  • Baggy upper and lower eyelids
  • Under eye bags
  • Facial wrinkles


  • Sun exposure

One of the most dangerous things for your skin is the sun. Even if your are not going to the beach, apply sunscreen on your face and on the back of your hands because nothing damages your skin like the sun. Whenever you are traveling or are under constant exposure, keep a sunscreen handy and apply it every 3-4 hours. Sun rays can trespass Windows too so make sure you are under the SPF blanket.

  • Sugar intake

Yes. We know about the effect of sugar intake on our weight. Likewise, it destroys elastin and collagen the way the elastic band of your underwear wears out. Your skin hangs, wrinkles form and you start looking older.