8 Things you need to know about orgasms!

During your beautiful love-making sessions, have you ever wondered what an orgasm is? The sensational fantastic feeling of a ‘climax’ is orgasm.

Do male and female both have orgasms?

Of course, you and your partner won’t reach the peak of your intense sexual pleasure together, but both gets the same intoxicating feelings.

Any scientific explanation?

A woman gets turned on and builds up a muscle tension around her pelvis. During an orgasm all this built-up tension releases. The second thing that happens is that at the same time this tension is released, a flood of hormones flows into the body. They are felt all over the body and the feelings have an alcoholic effect.


Is it difficult to get an orgasm?

Not at all! But you definitely will need some practice.


How do I get an orgasm?

What is an orgasm ?

Pretty simple! All you need are your cute hands! Most women masturbate by stimulating their clitoris (the small erectile part of a female). Stroke your fingers diagonally across the clitoris. You will need a fair mount of time to warm up but repetitive stimulation of the clitoris will give you the sexy ejaculation. Practice with different speeds and different pressures.


How long will it take?

On an average, it will take you only twenty minutes.


How do I know if I had an orgasm?

You are going to feel it, silly! Your heart beat quickens. You breathe faster. Your nipples erect. You feel euphoric!!  Sometimes, you might feel a mild tingle one time and an explosive body-rush the next! While it might take some time to climax, you will have one hell of a fun practicing it!


Do I need an orgasm?

What is an orgasm ?

Honey, if you don’t masturbate while having sex with your partner, you won’t really know the pleasures of love! Experience the earth-shattering happiness! Enjoy love making!!


Is anything wrong with me if I don’t have it?

Only about a third of women experience orgasm regularly during intercourse. A third can reach orgasm with intercourse but need extra stimulation. A third never achieve orgasm during intercourse but can by manual and oral stimulation. Having orgasms by means other than intercourse is a normal variation of female sexuality. In the past, people thought that “mature” women had their orgasms with intercourse; you will sometimes run across an older book that has this view. There is nothing wrong If you don’t have an orgasm!

Now that I have shared with you a bulk of my knowledge, go explore your wonderful body!



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