What Is The Best Way To Store Coffee Beans?

Coffee is nothing less than addiction. Either you hate it or you just fall for it. For the coffee lovers out there storing coffee in its natural aura is an important task since coffee tends to lose its natural traits after being roasted.

The “magic time” for the freshness of coffee is after 7-21 days of being roasted, hence if kept for a longer time starts releasing chemicals and gases misconfiguring its natural properties.

To extend its natural period of freshness here are some easy and best ways to store your coffee beans;

1. Buying The Right Quantity

Coffee begins to lose its freshness immediately once you roast it. Therefore buying small packets regularly can help you out. Buying in bulk will eventually cause wastage of money as well as the quality of the coffee you would want to have. Buy batches that can suffice for a week or two.

If you prefer to keep your coffee in accessible containers then you might want to put a smaller portion in them and store the larger portion in an airtight container.

2. Freeze ’em all

Freshness is an essential element of coffee. We advise you to consume coffee quickly after roasting. You can preserve your coffee by freezing. But the main concern is that coffee being hygroscopic tends to absorb the surrounding odours making it taste different. Therefore to freeze the coffee beans an effective way is to keep them in a strong air tight container so that no traces of oxygen can enter it.

3.Coffee Gator Canister

Coffee Gator Canister is stainless steel, opaque, airtight and has a carbon dioxide valve and can be used to store coffee beans without the risk of losing their freshness. The coffee gator is designed to aid in releasing carbon dioxide and minimize oxidation. It makes sure that your beans stay fresh for the longest.

 4. Use small containers

If you keep your coffee beans in a glass or ceramic container on the counter, there is nothing wrong with that. But before storing make sure the containers are airtight and lock properly. Store small amounts of ground coffee in them and use in time to keep its freshness alive. Also changing the beans regularly will help maintain freshness for longer periods.

5. Original packaging is your friend

Most of the coffee bean bags are designed in an authenticated manner to make sure coffee stays fresh for long. Most bags in which coffee beans are sold  have a valve which allows gases to pass without letting air in.

Another benefit of getting the coffee in original packing is that it keeps the beans away from sunlight. Moreover the foil or plastic packaging can be reused.

6. Steam can kill the beans’ freshness

Unlike your facial steams which leave you feeling fresh, steams are dangerous for coffee beans. Keeping them near brewers or stoves might give way for moisture to creep in and destroy the freshness of your beans. Therefore think twice where you are storing them in your kitchen.

7. Grind as much as you want

People tend to buy beans and then don’t use them for long. Okay we get it. You might not get time to shop regularly but to save your coffee beans you can grind some and use them immediately. This will help your beans to stay fresh for long and your purpose of having an amazing cup of coffee will be served. Grinding little amounts will save you from throwing your stale beans.

8. Roasting date is important

Just like dairy and bakery products you have to check the date of roasting on the packaging. The recent the roasting, the longer you can use them. The staler the beans, the higher the risk that you’ll have to throw them away pretty soon. Consider the roasting date as the manufacturing date for your beans and take an average of 20-21 days as it’s expiry.

9. The 4 evils

Oxygen, moisture, sunlight and temperature. The four evils that will take away your coffee’s freshness. Keep them at bay. To do so it is necessary to keep your coffee beans in warm and shaded area in an airtight container away from the stoves, chimneys brewers or anything that might produce heat. Keeping your beans away from these can assure you the longevity of your bean’s freshness.
Hope these methods will help you save your coffee’s freshness.