What is your New Year’s Resolution?



New year is round the corner and we are still thinking about our resolutions. Thinking if this year’s resolution will mirror the last one or if we will come up with something new. Thinking whether we have journeyed the road of the last resolution successfully. Thinking if resolutions make any sense at all! New Year’s resolution is the perfect way of starting our life anew and not diving in the same pool of mistakes again. It is a great way of accomplishing the goals we’ve set for the next day or the next week, the next month, the next year but have never got around completing it. Now we should stop thinking for acting. Figure out simple resolutions and just do them.

The ques
tion is how do I set my goal and how do I accomplish it? To execute a goal you need to first know what is it that you want and then set a timeline. You need to visualize if your goal is achievable or is it just something superficial? You might set up a nonsense goal which you will never be able to fulfill. You might set a real goal but give up midway or after a few days of trying. You need an end-point that you can visualize and know for sure whether or not you’re on track, and when you’ve achieved it. You need to be objective about your goals, your dreams, you aim, your resolution.

For example, if your resolution is to lose weight, how will you know if you have successfully shed the kilos you wanted to? That’s when planning comes in. List down how many ounces you want to get rid of and within how many days you want to get skinny. Then start noting down the habits you will inculcate in order to get going such as the food you will eat and the food you will avoid and how many hours will you dedicate to the gym. Track your progress and know your limitations. If you know you can’t stop eating junk food all at once, then try to cut down.

Do it step by step because nothing happens overnight except winning the lottery. Setting a goal such as “I will study more” or “I will read more” will get you nowhere.  For that, you need to define what “more” is according to you. Likewise, set realistic goals. If you are puzzled as to what your new year resolution will be, we bring to you some of the most common yet easy resolutions that will help you live a good life.

  • Being a better person 

All of us want to be better than who we actually are. Being better can be achieved by respecting people, helping them, being kind and polite, talking respectfully and listening to what the other person has to say. A lot of things come under this. This is one of the best resolution you can make and achieve.

  • Losing weight

Most of the people aim at losing weight yet they never are successful. The next year, the resolution remains the same. As I’ve said earlier, if you really want to lose weight, plan accurately what exactly you want and devise plans to accomplish it.

  • Getting better grades 

Applicable to students who hardly read a word when they take a book in their hands. Applicable to students who try but fail. Applicable for students whose parents nag them for doing poorly in the exams. I wish them “All the Best.”

  • Exercising more 

If you want to get in shape, you should start eating healthy and ignore the tempting junk luring you from all the corners. Set a time (morning is the best time to exercise) to work out and keep a record of your progress.

  • Avoid smoking/drinking

Considered to be a bad habits, most of us are addicted to booze and chips and cigarette tips. You need to have the willpower to give this up all at once. Slowly and steadily you will cut down if you try. Try Hard.

  • Earning money 

That’s a great goal! It will help you spend your time effectively and push some coins into your pocket. You can be a freelancer, take up a part time job or if you have nothing to do, take up the day-long ones!

  • Spending less time on social media 

Social media is gnawing on our lives. Most of the times, it is a waste of time. Spending less time on social media will definitely make you more active in real life. We should meet real friends that exist and not just interact with the ones that live on the computer/mobile screen.

  • Take risks

If you want to succeed in life, you must take advantage of the opportunities that comes your way. Very few people are fortunate to get certain chances. Be brave to take risks. It will make you more confident. Take responsibility of your actions and learn from them.

  • Starting to save money

How many times have we brought things and never used them? How many times have we actually made good use of our money? We need to learn that we are adults and spending on useless things will make us look ignorant teens. Be smart and wise in your decisions.

We hope this will help you to find and achieve your resolution for 2016

Happy new year !