What Kind of Parent are you?

What kind of parent are you?

Parenting is difficult. This is the hard truth of life. Children are impressionable beings and what kind of parent you are will shape your child’s life and bank balance. You can choose to be loving parents and make your child a strong independent adult or you can choose to be ignorant and have them spend thousands on therapy.


Being a good parent is important and by treating your child well, you are in turn ensuring your own future. While you take care of them when they are children, they will take care of you in your old age. It is the circle of life. There are many parenting styles. Following is a list of the most common and diverse parenting styles.

The Friend

These parents are the parents you wanted your parents to be like. They are the cool, hip parents. They give you a proper reason for the decisions that they make. They spend time with you. They insist on making you a valuable addition to society. They don’t stop you from doing things, they teach you how to make your own decisions, by logically analyzing the pros and cons. Children from these households do very well in life. They are independent and take initiative. They make good leaders but, have are at high risk for being involved in excessive drinking and drugs. They are passionate but, that cannot assure them financial safety.

The Helicopter

These parents are the perpetually paranoid parents. They tell you everything that can go wrong with a situation and use that as an excuse to keep you home. This is done out of love but, can leave a child unable to live independently. These parents insist on being a part of every decision of the child’s life and till a very late stage, maybe even after college. These children always look to their parents for decisions and are not good at taking initiatives and do not make good leaders or innovators. They are very good at taking things at face value.


These parents are the drill sergeants. Communication is not easy in these households and there might even be signs of violence. These parents decide what is best for the child and expect them to follow through with it. These children become excellent at following orders but, poor innovators. They might end up with a lot of daddy issues, due to the lack of a comforting environment growing up. Fear rules these households and the children live to seek approval from their parents. These children excel at studies and almost always end up financially stable. But, they suffer from a lot of issues all their life and if the household has a dominant father figure, the children end up imitating him in their adult life.

Choosing what kind of parent to be can be difficult. It is completely depends on your personality and your spouse. The way you treat your child will shape his life. So choose carefully.



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