What lessons did a breakup teach me ?


Everyone has gone through a breakup once at least in today’s world when things are superficial at so many levels. Some move on with ease, and few others are scarred for life. Regardless of the time when things finally fade away, you can’t possible tolerate the pain when it hits you. The wound might heal on the surface but deep down the bitter feeling is unexplainable. The beautiful memories flash across your eyes and you question yourself whether you can get past them or if things could get any better. This follows with the phase where you either blame yourself or the other person. Consider it a blessing or curse, it will teach you certain valuable lessons in life.

That nothing lasts forever.

Forever, is a farce. We might have promised to keep things alive forever, but things change. We might have promised to stay, but you see, things changed. That, we over expected things. Life has different plans for each one of us. Not everything we ask for is granted. Forever is always easier said than done. I realised, unless we are meant to be together, we will traverse different roads.

Even coal turns into diamond under huge pressure.

Not everything happens within our comfort zone. Not only does a relationship needs compromises but also a breakup. Life is a constant gamble. It is easier falling in love than out of love. I regret things I did just yesterday. We are so different each day. Each experience is a step towards attaining maturity. You might end up with a few more hardships but things will always turn out to be better in the end. It always does.

No medicine or drug but only time is the best healer.

You just cannot get over someone in a day. It takes weeks, months and even years. Only time helps you get over things that either hurt you or that you wish to forget. Just like a relationship takes time to build, even a breakup takes time to finally subside. Human beings can adjust to situations and circumstances for their survival, to maximise their happiness and minimize pain. In your self-interest, you will allow your wounds to heal. That’s basic human instinct.

That you can never stop being grateful.

Falling in love doesn’t mean somebody is doing you a favour or vice versa. Being grateful means no wonder how much I have been hurt in the relationship (which led to the breakup), I need to be grateful for everything I got to learn. I learnt that each experience is a lesson. Had I done one thing differently, I wouldn’t have been what I am today. No wonder breakups made me understand people.

That if you were hurt, doesn’t mean you lose hope for the future.

You just can’t put everyone in the same bracket. Everyone has a distinct character. Not every guy is the same. You just need to wait for the right person. There is definitely someone more better waiting for each one of us, if things haven’t materialized yet. We are prone to making mistakes and every time we meet someone new, we can definitely make efforts to correct them.



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