what men want in bed
what men want in bed

Ten things of what men want in bed and make them really want to… AND: effective tips for that certain (S-)extra

It is not that difficult to know what men want in bed. It is well known that most men have nothing against a blowjob and prefer it if not too much time passes during foreplay before we touch their best piece. But: The masters of creation are also not so simple knitted that a constant, simultaneous up and down (be it with the mouth or the hand), a few breasts and further female charms are sufficient to satisfy a man in bed completely and permanently.

So that you can give the gentlemen in your bed unforgettable high-altitude flights (and have maximum fun yourself!), this article reveals to women what men and their penis like in bed and gives extra tips that turn solid standard sex into a deluxe program:

Get active!

Men are conquerors. But a successful foreplay requires two people. Just like the ladies, the men need the feeling of being desired. In a sex study published in 2010, 60 percent of men stated that they would like their partner to take more initiative during sex.

Therefore: Take over the active seduction part more often! This does not mean that you have to lay down a rehearsed striptease in suspenders and boots – although of course this does not have a negative effect. Even a sexy SMS with a seductive promise for the evening program that you send to your beloved at lunchtime will make him both happy and arouse. What you should do when you face him in the evening can be found in the following sex tips…

Be confident!

The secret of a sexy charisma is quite simple: Show him that you feel well in your body! If a woman is at peace with herself, the man won’t find any mistakes either (and the guys who nag at us won’t make it to our bed anyway). The gentlemen want a self-confident lady who knows what she wants. According to a GQ survey, 26 per cent are also annoyed when they are shamefacedly extinguishing the light during sex.

So: Spot on! Be proud of your body and enjoy the sex to the full – then it will do it too! To really drive him crazy and to demonstrate your self-love, you can show him what turns you on with a living example (of yourself!). He will be happy to help you after seeing what moves you like. A mirror on the wall or ceiling also gives him this voyeuristic pleasure.

Put your hand on

Whether as foreplay or highlight in between, handwork is part of good sex. But many men complain about a too dry affair. In order to provide the men with smooth highlights, you should always cream your hands well in general. Also make sure that the hand job is supported with lubricant (if necessary saliva) for a smoothy matter.

Handjob tip: To find the perfect rhythm, grasp his penis and let your partner guide yours with his hands. In this way you get to know the pressure and speed of the movement just as he loves it – and can demonstrate your new know-how on your own next time.

Further sex wishes of the gentlemen

This is how you give the men what they want in bed. Tips for oral and anal intercourse as well as for dealing with sex toys and pornography are following.


No matter what sex study you take: The blowjob is and remains one of the greatest wishes of men. In a survey conducted by an opinion research institute, two thirds of men stated that they more often yearn for passive oral sex.

The most important thing: Be fully involved while you pamper him and show him that at this moment they would rather do nothing than pamper his best piece. More Blowjob tips for beginners and advanced can be found here.

Porn star

Almost every man does: The magazine GQ interviewed 4,200 men about their porn consumption: a proud 87 percent sometimes or regularly watch the sex films.

So instead of getting excited about it, you should watch a porn movie together with your sweetheart. Pick one in the video store that matches your preferences and surprise him with it. While watching the inspiring performances, he is guaranteed to quickly forget the actresses and only have eyes for you! At the end what men want is having sex with their partner.




Anal intercourse

Sooner or later in many relationships the question arises whether the man can come through the back door (at least once). According to a 2008 study conducted by a  TV station, half of all guys already had the pleasure. And the majority of men named anal intercourse as one of their favourite sexual practices in a GQ survey.

If you feel like taking the plunge yourself (according to a study published in 2011 in The Journal of Sexual Medicine 46 percent of women have already tried it): If you’re not afraid, take it easy – and use plenty of lubricant. If it still causes you pain or simply makes you feel uncomfortable, you should stop and suggest the following from behind variation to your loved one…

Doggy style

More than a quarter of all men prefer the doggy position in bed. He loves to have control over the movements. And he loves to have the woman’s body in full splendour in front of him. Very simple, this is part of what men want in bed. And you also benefit in this position. In the “a tergo” position, the man can stroke your breasts and clitoris wonderfully and penetrate particularly deeply into you.

The extra kick for him you give the Doggy style, if you grab his penis through your legs and additionally stimulate him manually. It is for sure also part of what men want in bed.

Riding cowboy… or rather cowgirl…

If his lady of hearts settles sexy on him and gives him nice views of her trembling breasts, the man is in the seventh sex heaven. To add a little variety to the usual riding position, the man sits upright cross-legged. The woman takes a seat on his lap, wraps her thighs around him and starts bobbing. To narrow the vagina, the gentleman can squeeze the lady’s buttocks with his hands.

Shut up

40 percent of the participants in a GQ survey said that too much talk in bed is annoying. Children’s giggles also turn the guys off. Instead, the gentlemen wish for a quiet lady who moans pleasurably or winds herself in rapture and clings to him.

Tip: If you want to practice Dirty Talking, do yourself and your sex partner a big favor to avoid terms from the animal world (example: “Yes, do me the stallion!”) or baby language and instead use words that are more appropriate to the situation and the two adult participants. For example: “It makes me so angry to feel you so hard in me”. As a turn on also dirty text messages are great, see here for some inspiration.


A sex study some years ago showed that 64 percent of the men asked actually like to include sex toys in their love play.

Instead of using a giant vibrator to show him what he may not have to offer himself. Enjoy yourself together with a pair dildo or tie each other to the bed with velvet handcuffs. Yyou can try out almost all of the things men want in bed.

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