What to avoid if you have acne


‘Acne outbreak’ is the most unwanted thing for adults especially young girls. It’s normal to have acne as we grow up but situation becomes alarming if it starts to get worse. What to avoid if you have acne ?Key reason is unhealthy diet and skincare mistakes we do not take into consideration beforehand. Fear not, bad skin can be turned into clearer and healthier tone if you censor enlisted below skincare mistakes.


1.    Lack of Smart Skincare Routine:

You cannot elaborate your beauty rituals if you do not follow a smart and easy-to-pursue skincare routine. You need extra pampering besides washing your skin daily.


Walking into a departmental store, you will find thousands of products to amplify your confusion of how to get start and bring about the basics of skincare rightly. I would suggest you to start with focus on ‘Cleanse, Protect & Treat’ formula. Use gentle face wash to clean up the skin from dirt and makeup residues. Protect your skin from environmental pollution and UV rays (a trigger to skin aging) by applying simple moisturizer with SPF. It will also promote skin’s oil protection critical for the blemish prone skin.

Do not treat your skin with products containing harsh chemicals. Always go with mild and high quality products.


2.    Over eating because you are stressed:

Stress generates certain hormones backing the acne zits. Emotional stress does not activate a new case of acne but makes the existent one quite worse. This means under stressful situation, acne flares up.

Stress can actually make you mess with your skin. Tensed people are more likely to pick their pimples and exacerbate their blemishes. Also under stress, many people start to eat sweets. Let’s face it I am the one. Do you? If yes then you must assure to have acne-free skin. Bad eating habits is not a solution to any problem specifically related to skin.

You can do yoga or call a friend, or enjoy quality time with children and that’s the ultimate source to release all the stress.


3.    Wild fear of beauty lose leading to overly done things:

Usual skin treatments to escape from acne outbreak is justifiable. Scrubbing like mad or applying chemically strong products all at once is not a way out. Things would get worse if you start to treat your skin as if exposed to radioactive waste.

Be nice to your skin and always use high-quality yet affordable skincare products. Do not use scrub containing micro-beads and apply gently always.


4.    Got the best intentions but in lazy mode:

Now that’s another extreme you must evade. You need to show persistent attitude as long as you are struggling with the burst of acne. Good intentions to deal with acne is of no use if you go lazy with the treatment.

Ensure to cleanse your skin at least once a day. Setting the goal isn’t enough if you idly execute the plan. Use the skincare products as directed and do not try to modify. Under severe conditions, consult a dermatologist.

Above all treat your facial skin like ‘touch-me-not’ plant. Do not touch your skin unnecessarily, never pick the pimples and do not scratch with fingers.

You might not get freshly glowing skin in a flash but by avoiding these mistakes from further happening, you will surely get your youthful glow back. Winters are approaching, so select the skincare products accordingly.


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