What’s Better: Working for a Small brand or a Big Brand?

Does the brand or the size of an organization really matter for our career?

What’s Better: Working for a Small brand or a Big Brand?

When you are planning to apply for a job or your next career move, you have to look into many things like the industry, the salary expectations, benefits offered, the type of company you want to work for, the culture of the organization, the working environment etc. One of the important decisions you have to make is, ‘Do I want to work with a small brand or a big brand?’

Why Does The Size Really Matter When The Pay Is Good?

I know money is the most important factor but there are several factors that affect our life. The company you work in have a massive impact with regards to your mental health, job satisfaction etc. I mean what’s the point of having a good pay when your whole day at work is miserable? At the end of the day, it’s you who has to decide what kind of company you want to work for because everyone is different and everyone has a different choice.

Until and unless you have a very strong reason to join a particular company, it is best to apply for both large and small brands if you are looking for a job. Over the course of your job, you’ll experience which one is apt for your next career move.


What to Expect While Working With Big Brands

Everything’s bigger in here- the name, fame and even the work. Sure, big brands promise a lot of benefits, opportunities but they also pack a lot of work. Here’s what all you get when you work for big brands:


Bigger Benefit Packages

What’s Better: Working for a Small brand or a Big Brand?

Large companies generally have more resources and hence they offer a high variety of perks and benefits to their employees such as health care, pensions, child care, maternity leaves and so on. Most of the times big companies offer big salaries.

A Name That Speaks For Itself

It goes without saying that if you have a big brand name on the experience list of your CV you are in for a good career. Large corporates having been in the corporate world for a long time have a very impressive image in the market and working for such a big company is surely going to boost up your career and pay and benefits are definitely something that is to look forward to.


A benefit to working in a large company is that it offers mobility, both vertically and horizontally. Vertically, large companies have a lot of opportunities to move upwards in the organization. Horizontally, they have a lot of flexibility. Even though you have a specialization in a specific role, you can still opt for a different position and explore a new area. Basically, you can switch job without leaving.

Changes Happen Very Slowly

What’s Better: Working for a Small brand or a Big Brand?

There are pros and cons both. At large organizations, decisions are made a lot slower to pass. Shaking things up can take a lot of time which will make you pull your hair out of frustration. Things are rigid that way.

Just a Number

A vast number of people working at the large companies just means that you are going to fade away in the background. Socializing, though you are a social bee, is going to be hard. And inevitably your job will be affected by someone you hardly know. There is just an impersonal environment that seems to be going on in there.

What to Expect While Working With Small Brands

You might think that working in a big company has all the fortune. Sure, but there are a few perks that a small brand offers that a big brand can never offer you.

A Part of Close Knit Team

A small brand is a place where everybody knows you and it’s like you are a part of an extended family. Everyone seems to be friendly and you have a very good working environment.

Your Success Is Visible

What’s Better: Working for a Small brand or a Big Brand?

Working in a small company means you have a high opportunity to shine. In a small company, great work can be seen by everyone and is acknowledged more than that in a large company. You’ll have more job satisfaction which reduces your chances of being bored of a job and you’ll be growing your skills which will come handy in future.

No Separate Departments

It is a given that when you opt to work for a small company, you hardly find separate legal departments. Your responsibilities are more varied. You may be asked to fill in the duties that are more than what was in the job description. If you are versatile that way and if you don’t have any whys and buts with switching roles that way then the small company is a good option for you.

Nowhere To Hide

Well, it is obvious that if your success is visible then your failures will also be visible. Everyone’s contribution and work are interdependent. So automatically your mistake will have a knock-off effect on others work. All the eyes are on you. There are possibilities that you might even be acquainted with the superiors of the company, hence leaving you nowhere to hide from facing the wrath of your superiors when you do something wrong.

It might seem daunting to you but that’s not difficult to deal with if you are a hard worker and if hard work gives you satisfaction.


Company Is Agile

What’s Better: Working for a Small brand or a Big Brand?

Working in the small brand has a perk that you have access to a lot more of the company’s moving parts. You can reach out to upper management easily and voice your ideas, concerns at a much more fast pace than at large brands. In fact, you might even find yourself knocking the door of your boss without appointments at times. Here there is no typically established way of doing things most of the times.

If you are starting your career, working for a small company is a great way to gain reference and lifelong abilities that can follow you for years.

Well, working for any company, in general, is not all rainbows and unicorns. Both small brands and big brands have their own upsides and downsides. There’s no ‘right’ answer for the question as to which one is better. It’s all upon you to try them and see which one suits you better. If you are looking for a third option then decentralized companies or franchise-based companies are a great option for you because in such company you could have the power of working in a well known big brand but at the same time have the same freedom that a small brand offers you.

Drop in your thoughts to tell us which one you think is better in the comment section below.

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