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Hey there! Feeling low? Feeling like it’s the end of the world? Feeling like there’s nobody to care?

Don’t worry. All of us feel the same at some point in our lives. This feeling of sadness tries to engulf you and tears you apart. You don’t feel like eating or talking to anyone or going anywhere. The only thing you embrace is sleep. But don’t you know? For the stars to shine, there must be darkness. And believe me, you are a Star! A mighty one! So stay put and don’t give up. If you think you’ve tried your best at it but didn’t find success, hold on for the light is at the end of the tunnel. Hold on for there are only a few steps and you will find your diamond, your love, your success. And what’s the point, after all, if you don’t experience the exhilarating feeling of victory before a few pitfalls?

Sadness may be the cause of unfulfilled goals, death of a loved one, loss of wealth or time, nasty fights, being humiliated, loss of power, break-ups etc. It is easy to sink into a cloudy world, to sleep more and eat less and to break important connections. It’s simple to feel broken and its easier to not feel anything at all!

Buddha once said, “Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are, it solely relies on what you think.” So think better and your life will conquer happiness. Here are a few things that will improve your mood and shoo away melancholy.


    Music has no language, no religion, no boundaries but an innate healing power. Music has the ability to organize your brain. Music has the power to make you feel happy. So listen to your favorite songs whenever you feel dejected and sing along. Endure the treatment of this sweet medicine.



    Meditation heals everything including sadness. Take deep breaths. Focus on the good things of your life. You become calm, energetic and emotionally stable. Meditation brings a spiritual transformation in you. You must not only practice it when you’re sad but every single day to reach the peak of peacefulness. It makes you feel complete.



    Girls would kill me if I didn’t mention shopping! Shopping freshens up your mood. It makes you forget everything. The only thing that lurks in your brain is how you’re going to match denim shorts with a stiletto. Call up your girlies and make a quick plan.(It never takes too long to plan shopping) If you are shopping online, add amazing items to your cart and wait for your parcel to arrive!



    It’s all too obvious. If you feel broken, confide in people who will lend you support. Talk to your parents, your peers, your friends. If friends aren’t available, mommies will always make you feel light. Make some new friends in the digital world and have a usual chat with them. Don’t bombard the social media with your negative feelings. It isn’t the place where people will actually understand you. Rather, friends and family are the best option for you to open up and let your tears flow.



    Look up the internet and visit new restaurant that’s opened downtown. Drive to your favorite place and eat heartily. It lowers pain and melancholy. Take your friends along or enjoy the day, the sun and the food alone. Eat but do not overeat!



    Pray not because you need something, but because you have a lot to be thankful for! If you believe in God and if you have a strong faith in him, he will answer your prayers. If he doesn’t answer them, he has something bigger and better planned for you. Praying decreases the level of anxiety, stress and restlessness. God is the best listener. He hears the very silent prayer of a sincere heart.


Never lose hope. As the saying goes, Every thing has to end and this too shall pass. Keep your head high, eyes steady and toes firm because when one door closes, another opens.