Why does kissing make you feel good and happy?

Why does kissing make you feel good and happy?

Kissing – the nicest way of showing affection probably. Does kissing make happy? The answer is pretty clear. Yes, kissing makes happy.

And it is not just because it feels good to kiss someone or to be kissed by someone. There are actually biological and chemical reasons for it. While kissing endorphins are produced. Endorphins are those little things that make you feel happy. There is actually a study by the University of Albany showing that kissing helps.


Different ways of kissing


There are different ways of kissing and not every kiss is appropriate in every situation. Usually you feel the situation and kiss accordingly but sometimes you might misread when to kiss how.


Romantic kiss


The romantic kiss is probably the most famous one. It is what we see in Bollywood and Hollywood movies, it is the kiss that would be spelled out in words: I love you. The romantic kiss stands for love, for caring, for wanting to be one with the partner. You would give a romantic kiss when you watch with your partner a sunset, full moon, on walk or maybe when you are seated in front of a fire place. The romantic kiss is also the kiss you share after you made love, basically to confirm the feelings you just shared when being intimate.


Couple kiss


This is the routine kiss. You kiss each other on the mouth, lips are closed. It is the way for couples to say I love you without using the words too often. You leave the house, your partner comes home, these are the situations when you kiss each other on the mouth. It is rather a quick kiss, a bit like a ritual without too much passion. Although sometimes when both partners are in the mood it can become a passionate kiss afterwards, turn into a lusty kiss, then become a dirty kiss and then – in case you became intimate even – a romantic kiss after you slept together.


Passionate kiss


Another very important kiss is the passionate kiss. This kiss is basically the bridge kiss between the romantic  kiss and the lusty kiss. Or, it follows the romantic kiss and just becomes the passionate kiss. As the name reveals you are kissing passionately. But we are just talking about kissing. Sex is not involved here for now. Basically the passionate kiss is the more aggressive and fast version of the romantic kiss but without becoming the lusty kiss.

In fact when you are kissing romantically and you do not stop but kiss each other again and again and it becomes faster and you do not want to stop then we have a passionate kiss. The only thing that you want now is kissing your partner, becoming one through your lips.


Affectionate kiss


The affectionate kiss is a quick kiss full of affection. It can be on any part of the body, mostly though in the face, either on the cheek or on the mouth of your partner. It is you though – or your partner – who takes the initiative, not both partners. The kiss is done with closed lips.


Forehead kiss


The forehead kiss is probably one of the sweetest kisses one can get or give. It is the most affectionate kiss you can imagine. When kissing someone on the forehead you are usually bending down somehow, maybe the other person is sitting or smaller or whatsoever. Usually it is the guy kissing the girl. But the aspect of bending down, the aspect of kissing on the most crucial part besides our heart, our brain, show the relevance of forehead kissing. It is also like an act of protection.


Lusty kiss


The lusty kiss is basically pure foreplay. It implies intimacy and with a lusty kiss you basically try to incite your and your partner’s excitement. The lusty kiss is usually also quite wet. You do not mind that saliva is all over the place. As for sex – the wetter the better. There is a certain aggression when kissing. Contrary to the romantic kiss you act quicker and more hasty. But not too hasty! The tongue plays a very important role when kissing lustily as it gives you already an idea what the tongue can do in other regions of the body.


Dirty kiss


The dirty kiss is quite similar to the “lusty kiss” yet different. The difference is especially that while the lusty kiss is part of the foreplay the dirty kiss is in the midst of action. Well, it could also be just a kiss without being intimate but basically a dirty kiss is the equivalent of having sex while the lusty kiss is part of the foreplay.




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