Why is Every Woman a Fairy-tale


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Why is Every Woman  a Fairy-tale ?


Striving for perfection :

Flawlessness is something that we all strive for. With each day that passes, we feel if only we were better than yesterday.  We all want to lead a life that is strengthened by our perfection.

I believe perfection is a state of mind. ‘Perfection’ exists only when our comparison is not with the world but the man in the mirror.

Talking about women, the world scrutinizes them meticulously and because they are the gullible ones, they are considered to be the impeccable designs of God which is indeed true. If you are born a woman, believe me, you are perfect.


The world is tough with women but dependent:

Even though the world or the society we live in is quite unfair for women we must not forget that if there is a world that exists today, it is only because women exist. There is no world without women. God has bestowed some of world’s biggest responsibilities in a woman.The most beautiful element is that she unconsciously shares the best of her abilities. That is how beautiful a woman is designed. She has been empowered naturally and her influence on the world is huge


There are countless qualities in a woman that is so easily pinned in her heart and soul since birth.  If a man were to acquire the same qualities; it might take a lifetime of practice or even more. Let us find out what makes a woman so wonderful


  1. Women believe in honest self-analysis and manage to overcome insecurities, complexes and doubts.
  2. Women have higher emotional and sensitivity levels and lives life by cherished values.
  3. Women give importance to mental and physical fitness and manage stress skillfully.
  4. Women exudes charm, grace and poise as a part of their persona.
  5. Women understand the values of relationships and commitments towards them.
  6. Women are spiritually empowering and knows how to strike a perfect balance in life.
  7. Women recognize the importance of recreation and growing old gracefully.
  8. Women know how to enjoy love, marriage and motherhood.
  9. Women have the power of perseverance and positivity.
  10. Women are well adjusted and knows how to direct peace and harmony onto the world.


A woman is a motivation in herself. She has strong talents, creativity, resilience and persistence. She is an unmatched creature of the universe. Her grace and charm are a matter of envy and her natural style cannot be imitated.  Her traits are elements of maturity and are similar to the jewels in the crown and hence, they keep glowing!



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