Why is reading essential ?


When was the last time you opened and read book or solved a Sudoku or read a newspaper? 


Still thinking?

The answer is, ‘Well! I don’t remember.’ Right? A person who knows to read but doesn’t is similar to a person who don’t know how to read. To understand what I just said, read the above line twice. People who read are more focussed and live a longer and a happier life than people who have “Bibilophobia” (‘read-o-phobia.’) Reading is beneficial for the brain. You learn to access an untapped potential of your mind and your imagination broadens. A person lives only one life. But a person who reads lives multiple lives. Read on to find out how reading will change your world.

Boosting vocabulary

Readers have a better vocabulary than non-readers. When you take a ‘Nicholas Sparks’ or ‘Stephen King’ in your hand, you are exposed to a number of words which you were earlier blind to. It gives you a higher level of vocabulary helping you to put your point across perfectly.

Mental stimulation

Just the way a jog keeps your body fit, reading stimulates the brain into action. Just like any other muscle requires exercise, so does the brain. This can be achieved by reading, solving puzzles, playing chess etc. Studies have shown that staying mentally stimulated can slow the progress of (or possibly even prevent) Alzheimer’s and Dementia, since keeping your brain active and engaged prevents it from losing power.

Improved concentration

When you read something, your mind gets focused and engages in interpreting the words you read. The rest of the world falls behind and you are lost into your book. Also, when you are reading a thriller, an adventure, a romance or a sci-fi, you place yourself into the situation and analyse events. This lets you live and enjoy multiple lives.

Stress buster 

Reading helps you relax. Curling up on your sofa or in a corner of your room with a book, helps you leave behind day-long worries and stress. After a field day, relaxing with a good book and a cup of coffee is truly a bliss.

Improves your memory 

When we read, we remember all the characters, their background, their actions, their dialogues and almost every little thing that makes an interesting novel. So yes, your memory improves.

It makes you smart

Reading provides you a wealth of information, introducing you to newer realities. You get to know about various places, people’s psychology, scientific facts and much more. It makes you smart and smart is attractive.

Bang on entertainment

Do I need to explain this now?
-Alisha Khan