Why it is difficult to find love today ?


Nowadays relations are difficult to build and so much couples break up so quickly.. But why this change, is there a problem with individuals or with the society? Is the society we live affecting love relations or is it us as individual? Why it is difficult to find love today ? In this article we will talk about some reasons why this is happening.

5 signs showing why it is difficult to find love today

Fear of commitment

One of the primary reasons why we cannot find love is because most of us fears commitment. Maybe it is because we saw how our friends or family get cheated. Therefore we think a lot before entering a relation. We get scared to commit because we are scared to hurt ourselves. We are scared to experience heartbreak. Because there is no guarantee that the relation will last forever, so we tend to think why commit to someone and lose our time?

We give up quickly

If we compare our older generation to ourselves, we see that however fights or clashes they had, they never gave up. But today’s generation has stopped fighting for love and most people give up. No one wants to wait and solve issues so people prefer breaking up thinking it is easier.

Different lifestyles

Another factor is due to our lifestyle. Nowadays we all run after fame, success, power and money. We spend our time trying to be successful rather than looking for love. Another cause is because we give too much attention to our phone and the social media sites rather than lifting our head and looking around. No one bothers about the person next to him, rather it became easier to flirt or maintain a false relation with an unknown on social websites.


Another reason is because we expect too much from people ,both mentally and physically. We create images in our mind and thus we search people likewise. But we should realise that dreams are not true. Sometime you wait for the one you want and miss the perfect one.

Due to the past

Sometime the past plays a great role in your future. We no longer trust or believe in love due to past relations which went bad. We created a thinking that love leads to pain and hurt at the end. We lost trust in people, in relations and therefore we avoid falling in love.

Niharika Essoo


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