Why??? Monica Singh and her dream of fashion

Why did this happen???   Monica Singh is one out of many, many female victims that face horrible acid attacks.


Because Monica rejected a marriage proposal.


Because Monica wanted to chose her own path and did not want to marry that special guy.


Because Monica is a human being, a citizen of the Republic of India, a democracy, that guarantees equal rights to man and women – ideally…

monica singh

43 surgeries, 43 reconstruction operations she needed to undergo to get a face back. Horrible pain – physically and especially phsycologically and emotionally. Still, Monica decided to fight and gives a great example to all the other victims out there.

What a strength!!

Monica did her first year of undergraduate studies in apparel design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). When she returned to her home town she was attacked for rejecting a proposal. She spent an entire year in hospital in Lucknow as well as close to Rs 50 lakh on surgery and reconstruction procedures. Still she decided resolutely to go back to Delhi to continue her studies.

What a courage!!

Monica has a dream. Monica wants to work in fashion. Monica still has this dream – and is pursuing it. She now has been accepted  at Parson’s New School of Design in New York, an amazing achievement – and it could help her fulfill that dream. But Monica needs support ,moral but also financial support. Her father passed away and cannot support her anymore  as he did – he gave away all his savings.


So WE need to help her! WE need to support Monica. Please check out this video where Monica tells her story and where you find ways of helping her and all the other victims!!

Monica lost her physical integrity, she lost her father, but she still keeps her dream and hope! Let us help her in pursuing it!!